Farmers market returns to Broadway with new things to eat+drink (and logistical issues to solve)

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Sunday, the Broadway Farmers Market returns to Capitol Hill for another season of farm-to-your-table provisions and, increasingly, to showcase up-and-coming food and drink providers. We don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade — the weather should be warm and relatively beautiful — but there are also some logistics issues being worked out as the market begins its second season in its temporary Seattle Central home. Details on all this and more, below.

First, some images from last year’s opening. Ah, that’s nice. Now, let’s dispatch with a little bit of bad news. The arrival of the First Hill streetcar warrants celebration — the groundbreaking ceremony is Monday. But the start of construction will also mean some logistical challenges for all of Broadway this summer and the farmers market organizers are especially concerned about how they’ll be able to manage the already challenging load-in and load-out in front of Seattle Central this summer.

By 2016, the market should be ensconced in a new home on a transformed Nagle Place behind the newly completed Broadway light rail station. By then, we could be talking about a year-round season for the market and an extremely pedestrian friendly surrounding environment.

But this summer, the market will have its hands full trying to make space for the many trucks and vehicles that move goods to the market every Sunday on a Broadway that will be constricted as streetcar tracks are being installed and utilities, shifted.

“We’ve been working hard to mitigate the construction issues, which mostly effect vendor load off,” Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance operations manager Julian O’Reilley tells us. “Not everything has been ironed out as yet, but we’ve been working with SCCC, the construction company, and the city to ensure the market can stay the same size.”

2012 Market Highlights
They’ll need the space. Here are a few of the reasons to be excited about the 2012 farmers market on Broadway:

  • More than 40 farmers and vendors will be sharing their goods on Sunday to start the market’s seventh season on Broadway.
  • Learn more about Kedai Makan on Facebook

    Malaysian street vendor Kedai Makan is joining the Broadway roster and has already generated some buzz:

 Local chef Kevin Burzell, who has cooked at Ba Bar, Monsoon, and Poppy, is teaming up with his fiancée Alysson Wilson to bring Malaysian food to the Sunday market. Burzell says their stall, dubbed Kedai Makan, will offer “simple, big, bright flavors, from a very vibrant cuisine that is not very well represented in Seattle.”


With our newly acquired Nutrifaster N450 commercial juicer (made right here in Georgetown), we will be offering a variety of pressed drinks as well as large format  to go. See our menu and prices below.
We are so thrilled to have not only met, but exceed our Kickstarter campaign goal and we are excited to share our idea for a modern, urban juicery with all of Seattle. We will accept cash and credit cards.
In addition, we have collaborated with local event designer, Matthew Parker to design our logo and custom booth….and it is rad!


  • Honest Biscuits returns for its second tour of duty on Capitol Hill. Here’s what Honest’s Arthur Stone tells us about his biscuits — and a special guest Biscuit Queen:

Honest Biscuits is making our triumphant return to the Broadway Farmers Market.  Why triumphant?  We survived the winter and have received some great attention.  We will now be in two farmers markets each Sunday (and Queen Ann starting in June).  We are excited about all of this and excited about Earth Day, so we decided to have a party in our little booth.  DeeDee Royalis, who used to appear in the Seattle Gay Pride parades on behalf of Cupcake Royale, is going to liven the place up.  In addition, we will have our usual selection of delectable biscuits.

  • Rachel’s Ginger Beer may be working on a Montana-adjacent headquarters but it will still be a big part of the market. We’ve heard plans that Rachel Marshall will be introducing new RGB growlettes on Sunday.
  • Here’s the full announcement on this Sunday’s market debut from the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance:

2012 BSFM Opening Day

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