Police chase down suspect after stabbing at Club Z

One man was stabbed and his alleged assailant was tracked down and arrested early Sunday morning in an incident at Pike bathhouse Club Z.

According to SPD, a suspect in his 50s was taken into custody when he was tracked down near 8th and Seneca after running through Freeway Park following the attack at the lower Pike sex club.

Medics were first called to the scene just after 3a Sunday. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening.

There was no information available yet as to what lead to the stabbing and no additional information on the extent of the victim’s injuries.

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18 thoughts on “Police chase down suspect after stabbing at Club Z

  1. that place is scar on the neighborhood. Ilive a block away from it. I wish they would close the seedy place down. There have been way too many incidents like this their lately…

  2. That the mainstream gay community does not actively speak out against bathhouses like these has always been a great mystery to me. These anonymous sex clubs reinforce lingering stereotypes that gay men are depraved sexual deviants and, thus, stand as obstacle to the mainstream acceptance of the LGBT community. This is not about the appropriateness of gay sex, but about the appropriateness of seedy, disease and drug ridden anonymous sex lairs.

  3. Seattlegayscene.com wrote this in it’s coverage of this incident and I could not agree more with the statement thought I would share since so far all the comments are negative:

    Anyway, I digress. We hope the person who got stabbed is ok and we hope Club Z’s string of bad luck ends soon. Since Tribe/Basic Plumbing closed earlier this year, Seattle is down to only two men’s bath houses. If Club Z should close that would mean Steamworks would be the only game in town and a little friendly competition is what keeps businesses on their toes.

    (And, I know what the prudes are thinking: “Good! Close all the bath houses! They are disgusting!” But, that’s not everyones opinion…not every gay on the planet is a “I’m gonna settle down with a husbear, a mortgage and a black lab in West Seattle!” kind of gay. Expressing your sexuality THROUGH sex is part of being homosexual. Not everyone is monogamous and not everyone is into “vanilla” sex. Bath houses provide a valuable service; otherwise many of the people who go to bath houses might be forced into public cruising…and, if you’re a prude, wouldn’t you prefer the “pervs” get pervy in a building designed for that purpose rather than the azalea bushes in your favorite park?)

  4. …many of the clientele here do not identify with the “mainstream gay community”. I haven’t been there in years, but several years ago I was in line one night as the turkish-looking guy in front of me was lamenting to the guy at the window how annoyed he was there weren’t any such sex clubs with women. Though he might have been an ordinary, rationalizing closet case, it just as easily proves the point that many of these customers do not identify with the mainstream gay community. So don’t presume anyone can speak for them.

  5. “I think the liberal-dominated mind set of the gay community is why there is not much resistance.”

    When was the last time conservatives gave a shit about the well-being or rights of gays and lesbians? Oh yeah, that’s right–NEVER.

    Gee, big surprise the G/L community is ‘liberal-dominated’.

  6. yeah, i lament the growing push to tame every last aspect of the gay scene until it mimics the hetronormative. I give not one shit about people tarring every gay with negative actions of a few. I gave up long ago trying to win people like that over. They’re going to hate you and they only need the smallest of excuses.

  7. Exactly true. Trying to appease for the sake of winning approval of the masses does nobody any favors in the long run anyway. And besides, each of us is only responsible for ourselves, anyway. What someone else does doesn’t reflect on you.

  8. Umm, aren’t people nekkid in these sex clubs? How does a person cary a knife around in there?

    I am glad there was no serious injuries. I am also glad tweakers have a place to go be freaky at 3 am rather than in the apartment upstairs from mine!

  9. Bathhouses are not the problem, either in this instance of a violent crime that could have happened anywhere, or in keeping the Right Wing from supporting LGBT equality. I’m sorry but I personally am not interested in Equality that has to be won by giving up aspects of ourselves and our freedom. I hear this same argument made by people who thing the Leather community should be hidden from view, or that drag queens are an embarrassment to us and just “reinforce lingering stereotypes” that haters use to justify their hate.

    We do not need to, nor should we have to become nonthreatening Hagar slack wearing accountants in imitations of the unstable heterosexual model of monogamous marriage in order to gain our equality. What will we have gained? Freedom to be something I was never interested in being in the first place? Honestly and sincerely I would rather continue as we are than give up everything interesting and unique about us.

  10. I also think you will find that the sweet spot for the Right Wing when it comes to LGBT equality is they want us gone from public view, back in the closet. They want us to be something they NEVER have to think about ever. There is no level of openness that they are comfortable with. Complaining about our sexual activities is a red herring. They hate our very existence, not a list of complaints that if we address and end them will put them on our side. You are totally deluding yourself if you think that these forces are going to back off if every last Gay person remained a virgin until married to a nice man they love – these people don’t even want you to have the right to be married!

  11. There’s no requirement that somebody has to be naked in Z or any other sex club. But you raise a good point– anyone walking around fully clothed is likely there for some reason other than to have sex. i.e, drug dealing. When you see guys walking back and forth from room to room talking on cell phones, it’s a pretty good hint.

  12. Good point. A perfect example of this is the recent rumblings of the local Archdiocese to roll back same-sex marriage in WA. While “defending” the sacti(mony) of one man/on woman marriage, they’ve pointed out that same-sex couples in WA already have the “everything but marriage” civil unions. They might have the tiniest bit of credibility if they had ever supported that law. But let’s not forget they fought that law tooth-and-nail at the time, too. Hypocrites, plain and simple.

  13. This place is sketchy. There are always so many homeless looking guys hanging around outside. Didn’t a few people die here recently too? I have been to nice bath houses (Steamworks is really nice, Hawks in Portland is AMAZING and Steam in Portland is pretty nice too), so you can’t blame the bath houses in general.

  14. A friend of mine was at Club Z that night and said that the guy who stabbed the other person was claiming to be straight and had apparently been there for a couple of days up the entire time high on drugs and is homeless so he was a straight guy at a gay bathhouse because it’s a cheap room I was told.

    It’s like dude if your really “straight” and just using Club Z for a place to sleep then the last thing you should be doing is stabbing people after being tweaked out for days. Hope your ass rots in prison now, that will be shelter for you from now on.