Seattle University students visit Tent City

On Wednesday Professor Ed Reed PhD, Seattle University, Matteo Ricci College, World Poverty Course, accompanied 25 students on a tour of Tent City 3, presently housed at Saint Marks Cathedral on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

The students got a thorough tour and explanation of the inner workings of this Tent City by a long- term resident.
I was proud to have played a role in this visit as well as being enormously honored by these students reading “View from the Tent” as one of their class readings prior to this visit.

Here is a short video clip of one of the students reacting to her visit to the homeless camp. (Another group of 25 students will visit the camp on Friday 27 April) 

Thank you Dr. Reed for stretching education out into the real world of day to day survival for some in our community.

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4 thoughts on “Seattle University students visit Tent City

  1. Michael, reading Artreus’ thoughts is fascinating. I can see why you wanted to publish his notes and why it’s being used in classes. It’s reminding me that if nothing else, I need to be acknowledging every person that is homeless by meeting their eyes when walking down the street. More than that, it’s hard to avoid the feeling of responsibility to extend a hand. Thank you.

  2. Thanks very much for your comments. View from the Tent was the impetus to write the next two. Ice is about HIV and people I have known/know. Trust Kids highlights all the good things that happen when we actually incorporate, listen etc to younger people….Hopefully one of many students who visit shelters will come up with the answer to the challenge…