Capitol Hill’s Jane Jacobs walk is ‘sold out’ (but you can create your own)

An organized tour of Pike/Pine designed to evoke the spirit of community activist Jane Jacobs on Thursday night only had 30 slots available. It’s free but “sold out.” But we’d bet that if you were to show up near 14th and Pine on Thursday, you might be able to put together a pretty interesting tour of your own. Leave the organized group alone and be inspired by the idea — and then take to the streets with a group of stragglers. We’re thinking you might end up on a pretty interesting tour that would have made Jacobs proud. The organized tour information is here — maybe 2013 can include everybody. In the meantime, enjoy your walk and share what you know.

On May 10th we are gathering to view the Pike/Pine Urban Corridor through the eyes of Jane Jacobs.  We will be tying current events, new developments, old developments, missed opportunities and positive changes into the ideas Ms. Jacobs discussed in The Death and Life.  Join us as we bring together the exuberant diversity of Capitol Hill and walk the streets of one of Seattle’s most vibrant and exciting neighborhoods and community corridors!

UPDATE! Click here to register for this event. (“sold out”)

Date: Thursday May 10, 2012

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Route: Pike/Pine Urban Corridor – begin at 14th and Pine, end at Pine and Melrose (Bauhaus Coffee).

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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s Jane Jacobs walk is ‘sold out’ (but you can create your own)

  1. Expansion and development are two different things. Development is differentiation of what already existed. Practically every new thing that happens is a differentiation of a previous thing, from a new shoe sole to changes in legal codes. Expansion is an actual growth in size or volume of activity. That is a different thing.- Jane Jacobs