Ice dancing champ brings new yoga studio to 15th Ave E

A former 15th Ave E video store is reborn as a yoga studio this week with, of all things, an Olympic ice skater at the helm. Below, are details on Capitol Hill studio The Grinning Yogi, a new business opened by champion ice dancer Jamie Silverstein. More from Silverstein on her new venture, below.

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The space neighbors Remedy Teas and a Subway sandwich shop at 15th and Harrison. Former tenant Video Connection left the space in winter 2010 and it has been empty until Tuesday’s The Grinning Yogi, or TGY as Silverstein calls it, grand opening. Across the street, the new restaurant and cafe project from Ethan Stowell and Heather Earnhardt is nearing its opening.

Silverstein, grinning (Image: The Grinning Yogi)

We’ll talk more with Silverstein about her new business and her plans to compete with larger players like this soon. From the sound of things, Grinning leans towards the more intense end of the yoga spectrum. In the meantime, here is her announcement of the new studio. You can learn more at

Olympian skater-cum- acolyte Jamie Silverstein is bringing her unique spin on the ancient practice of  with her philosophy of self-love, studio community, and fun. At The Grinning Yogi (TGY) ,  is about way more than bottoms and bottom lines. Set to happening beats, The Grinning Yogi’s mission is to consistently provide accessible, affordable, AMAZING vinyasa flow classes to every friend who walks through our door. TGY dedicated to making these offerings with cheer and care.  

I realize Seattle has many amazing yoga studios already, but we have our happy unique flow: 
– All our vinyasa flow classes and are set to music.  Each class is unique but ALL are full of spirit, sweat, and sometimes even a dash of Michael Jackson! 

– We have 7 classes for under $10 including OR pay-what-you-can classes where all proceeds go towards local charitable organizations.

–  We’ve designed special 35 minute “ jolt” lunchtime classes classes to energize your mind, body, and spirit. And, yes, jolt is a complete practice that will leave you amped up with time to grab a bite before heading back to the office. 

– All students, health care professionals, wellness practitioners, and Central Co-op members receive 10% off all purchases.  Always. 

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  1. But seeing flyers on light poles on 18th and 19th East, in a residential area, is not the greatest advertising technique. That behavior is usually reserved for the more aggressive or uncaring.