Warning: Volunteer Park to be infested by giant knitted snails

The Seattle Parks Department might need your help on Saturday. While you’re out checking out the 70+ sales participating in Capitol Hill Garage Sale Day, stop by Volunteer Park and be on the lookout for these guys:


Art Bombing
Exhibit showcases giant knitted snails. 
Saturday, June 9
Snails on view from 9AM. 

Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill  At Prospect and 15th.
Cross the cross walk into the park
Look for the snails immediately to your right  in the greenery.

Snails and slugs are cursed by the Pacific Northwest Gardener. Individuals go to extreme lengths to exterminate them from our much loved veggie patches and flower beds.

Avid gardeners, artists and knitters, Monika Dalkin and Ann-Marie Petersons have embraced their negative relationship with the common garden snail and have turned gardening angst on its head by creating a whimsical homage to the much loathed garden pest.

All are invited to view the installation. Removal of snails for personal collection is encouraged.

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6 thoughts on “Warning: Volunteer Park to be infested by giant knitted snails

  1. I just went for a walk in the park and saw dozens of colorful snails! I hope everyone else (kids and dogs included) enjoy them just as much as i did.

  2. Thank you Monika & Ann-Marie. What a wonderful gift to the community! I enjoyed the “snail bombing” so much. The snails themselves are delightful, and it was fun to watch others (especially kids) enjoying them too (as one dad commented while the kids were running around trying to decide which snail they wanted — “It’s like Easter…with snails!”). My boyfriend had to work but I brought one home for him; we’ll either give him a good home or pass him on to someone else to enjoy. Either way, thank you for sharing your craft!