Bauhaus to open new location in Ballard — Melrose & Pine design review tonight

As the next seven stories of Bauhaus’s dramatic saga on Capitol Hill continues tonight, owner Joel Radin is opening a new chapter in a new Seattle neighborhood. 

“I’ve been eying this location in Ballard for two and a half years,” Radin said of the corner spot on NW Market St where Epilogue Books closed in 2009. “I just love the space, and things finally worked out with timing and the landlord that I was able to secure it.”

Meanwhile, Bauhaus’s original Capitol Hill home is about to begin an epic journey of change. Seattle’s East design board meets Wednesday night to begin examination of the Melrose & Pine project, a seven-story, mixed-use development planned to incorporate many of the existing structures on the site stretching along E Pine between Melrose and Bellevue:

Project: 301 E. Pine St.  map
Review Meeting:July 18, 8:00
Review Phase:EDG–Early Design Guidance
Project Number:3013342 permit status | notice
Planner:Shelley Bolser


Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Time: 08:00 p.m.
Location: Seattle University Casey Building
901 12th Ave
Room 500E – Casey Commons

When CHS first reported on the development in April, uncertainty about the Madison Group’s intentions for the project and the future of Bauhaus raised significant concern. Since, more information about the group’s plans for preservation and a deal struck to keep Bauhaus at the location have helped to alleviate many fears. CHS detailed some of the values of the old structures in the area here: CHS Re:Take | Why Capitol Hill’s Bauhaus block matters. In the meantime, Wednesday’s design review will be the first public discussion of the development’s plans and details such as how the construction will incorporate the one-of-a-kind interiors of the old buildings.

A massing diagram of the future mixed-use development planned for Pine. For more on the plans, check out — At the heart of Pike/Pine preservation, Melrose & Pine project plans unveiled

As for Ballard, Radin secured the spot last friday, and is planning to open his new Bauhaus in the location by the end of the year. In the meantime, he is working on a design for the new location.

“The new location and the current one will have a lot of similarities,” Radin said. “The books will still be there, there’s a large window all the way across the storefront so you’ll get that well lit natural lighting. It has a lot of the same energy.”

The new location happened in a sort of backwards way — Radin actually never intended to expand Bauhaus. Rather than deciding that he wanted to open a new store, the space decided for him.

“Everytime I saw the space, it felt like the right thing to do to put another Bauhaus there,” Radin said. “It made complete sense with the look and the feel and where it is in the neighborhood. I don’t want to make Bauhaus a big thing, like I’d never put one in a mall. But this place is supposed to be a Bauhaus.”

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6 thoughts on “Bauhaus to open new location in Ballard — Melrose & Pine design review tonight

  1. This is exciting and it’s a great way for them to weather the construction of Melrose and Pine building. I’m going to have to stop by the new location when i’m in ballard to get my bauhaus fix!