Capitol Hill Block Party 2012: Day One Open Thread (+ live feed)

By 5p, the chance of rain forecast for Pike/Pine is 10% and sick beats, 110%. That’s what the kids tell us. Welcome to CHS’s 2012 CHBP coverage. We’ll update with open thread posts through the weekend with a focus on the people making it happen, the crowds and the community around the festival. We’ve told you a bit about the back-story for the 2012 Block Party here — a long-time driver of the event is now the man in charge. We’ll also be tweeting from the event and grabbing pictures of the goings-on. You can follow @jseattle and @chsfuntern to play along. Let us know what you’re seeing. You can also call/txt (206) 399-5959 or email us at Have fun.

  • Friday started with thunder and lightning. If CHS were the new owner of Block Party, we would have been freaking out. But the forecast really does show things starting to dry and staying that way with the start of gates opening at 3p. That forecast looks ok into Sunday when the plan is for more drizzle. By then, the place will probably need a bath.
  • Thee Oh Sees, Allen Stone, and Fitz and the Tantrums give the main stage their first big workout tonight.
  • Sound check went off as normal Friday despite the weather. Organizers told CHS they had “contingency plans” but didn’t offer specifics other than to say there are no planned cancellations for any Friday acts.
  • 1:39PM – CHBP moves in –
    • The north side of E Union has again this year been cleared for bus and RV parking for many of the performers. But there’s another place the denizens of CHBP will call home this weekend. Here’s the report from CHS correspondent Sebastian Garrett-Singh:

    Walking into the quaint Silver Cloud Inn on East Madison St and Broadway, it does not seem to be “crazy loud and rowdy” as front desk attendant Lena says it becomes over Block Party weekend. Cabbies occasionally stop by, foreign tourist get directions to the spots on the hill; at 7:20 the hotel was all but crazy. LENA –>

    Lena tells a different story to CHS, the 179 room capacity hotel has been booked solid for a long while, and many DJ’s, sponsors, and bands performing at Capitol Hill’s Block Party are currently calling the Silver Cloud their home. She was not able to get into specifics about the residents.

    Lena was very excited to talk with CHS stating that she herself was a “high school journalist” and loves talking with them. Score! Glad not to get an Oscar the Grouch. She goes onto say that film crews have been shooting interviews with performers at the hotel and around the hill. I inquired if there was any special rate for Block Party weekend and was told by Lena, the hotel actually “raised prices” in anticipation of Block Party.

    It would seem that if you’re looking for an after party this weekend, that the Silver Cloud Inn is the spot to do it big! Neighboring businesses Neighbors, and Jimmy’s On Broadway will likely be doing pretty good business this weekend, and may be a good spot to meet some of your favorite Capitol Hill Block Party performers.

    As Good to Die Records tweets, “Fuck going back and forth from Ballard” there is “LotsaDranks” to be had on the hill and this weekend the Silver Cloud looks primed to be “crazy and rowdy.”


    1:40PM – pike at broadway, seattle wa – Sound check

    1:48PM – The map and the app – The layout for CHBP 2012 is the same as 2011 so you shouldn’t get too lost. Meanwhile, early reviews for the new Block Party mobile app seem positive. All eight of the reviews in the iTunes store rated the free product a perfect 5 of 5 stars.

    1:50PM – No parking – E Union awaits your rock-n-roll RV

    1:51PM – Ballyhoo – Light show

    1:53PM – Business time – While some of the venues inside the fences will generate about 20% of their annual revenue this weekend, it’s a struggle for others. That doesn’t keep those on the outside of the festival from looking for ways to be part of things. Here, Manhattan has a promotion to attempt to sway CHBP-goers to 12th Ave.

    1:55PM – – Meanwhile, Marination Station also has a plan:

    This weekend. Need an easy place to meet up with friends for the Cap Hill Block Party? Marination Station.

    Want to enjoy some grub, good times, and the tunes from a distance? Come to the bricks. Bring a chair if you want.

    Wish there was a way to hear music for free and avoid all the sweaty humanity? The giant plaza in front of Marination Station is your spot. Bring a cooler while you’re at it!

    PIKE & BROADWAY on top of QFC. Seriously, if there is a more perfect spot to chill outside of the gates, we don’t know it!

    1:57PM – The streets – A reminder that Broadway near Pike/Pine is messier than normal these days with First Hill streetcar construction. Another reason not to drive a car anywhere near Block Party.

    2:08PM – Stanley is waiting – Via @tonysnark: “I ❤ you @stanleypiano. Come see him live at cap hill block party. He takes requests via twitter.”

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