Capitol Hill Block Party 2012: Day Three Open Thread

Day Three’s baby pants (Image: CHS)

You’re almost there, big girl. Sunday is the day of reflection at the Capitol Hill Block Party. And, for those eager to see the three days of fences around Pike/Pine come to an end, it’s the only CHBP day with a merciful 9p main stage shutdown time. CHS is again wandering the scene and rocking the Twitters @jseattle and, when he’s not on stage today being a rock star, @chsfuntern. See something we should know about? Call/txt (206) 399-5959 or email us at

CHBP 2012 on CHS:

The theme of the weekend has so far been “maturity.” The 2012 Block Party is the third year for the three-day format and organizers and providers of services like Stranger Tickets seem to have mostly got the process worked out and turned the party into a decently well-oiled machine. Attendance will likely be lighter than 2011 but Saturday, according to the hand-written signs posted, ended up a sell-out. A gray Sunday won’t help — but the chance of rain is slim. And the day already got off to a bright enough start with a rock show just for kids filling Neumos. Details on all this and more, below.

  • Day Three means recovering from Day Two’s Major Lazer (Image: Jim Bennett/CHBP with permission to CHS)

    Former Presidents of the United States frontman Chris Ballew filled Neumos with parents and wee ones Sunday morning for a free show as part of the festival’s first ever family day event. “Poop in your pants and throw it around!” The club was filled to overflow capacity. Neighbors probably wouldn’t have appreciated the early start, but the crowd was big enough for the main stage. Maybe next year. No sign of other elements like double-dutch that had been planned for the family day. New things.

  • Day Two’s musical highlight: OK. Not really the music. But the event was Major Lazer: “The best moment of the night, however, was not the shirtless girls from the crowd called to dance on stage, or the lucky male member called up to lay down on stage so that the Major Lazer dancing ladies could express themselves all over his face, but the expertly placed MCA tribute near the end of the set that got everyone rapping along to the Beastie Boys’ ‘Intergalactic.'”
  • On the crime and craziness end of things, SPD kept itself busy pursuing a few chumps seen throwing beer bottles into the crowd and stopping a group from “compromising” a Block Party fence. Meanwhile, the streets around the Party were a little more danger-filled than normal with the crowds, etc. A pedestrian was injured when struck by a car on Pine at 10th, a bicyclist got hurt in a run-in with a car near 12th and Pike, and another car vs pedestrian farther down the Hill at Pike and Boren sent a 43-year-old man to the hospital with a head injury.
  • We haven’t heard any official attendance tallies yet, you?

Neko Case (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

The Lumineers (Image: Jim Bennett/CHBP with permission to CHS)

David Meinert +1 (Image: Jim Bennett/CHBP with permission to CHS)

Dude York (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

Trash Talk (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)


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