Capitol Hill Block Party 2012: Day Two Open Thread (+live feed)

Day Two’s sunny crowd (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

Ah, Block Party Saturday — a day that begins with pledges of sobriety and presence and ends with questions about how it all happened. Again. It’s the longest day of the festival, the only to run the full 1p to midnight window. Here’s what we saw and heard during the 9+ hours of Day One. What we learned and the things we see, hear, taste, trip over, etc. on Day Two, below. CHS will again be tweeting from the event and grabbing pictures of the goings-on. For an overview of the 2012 CHBP, check out New owner, same layout, more stuff (including free family party) at 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party. You can follow @jseattle or @chsfuntern to play along. Let us know what you’re seeing. You can also call/txt (206) 399-5959 or email us at Have fun.

  • Stone (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

    Day One music highlight: Allen Stone — ” Often touted as the “geeky blue-eyed soul man from Seattle,” (via Chewelah, of course), there is something incredibly sexy about the way Stone moves his hips, keeping steadily with the groove of his gritty soul tracks – and a magnetism to his performance you can’t help but vibe with.” 

  • Jason Lajeunesse has been at the heart of Block Party’s recent rise so no big surprise his takeover of the festival means the event hasn’t really skipped a beat on execution and logistics. Day One apparently went off without any major breakdowns and changes implemented during the last two festivals have continued to work to keep the event amazingly safe. CHS heard some of the familiar complaints about slow business outside the fences of the festival — it’s a given that the event is a weekend-long nuisance for some — but the volume and depth of the complaints has so far been less than in 2010 and 2011. Lajeunesse also seemed happy about the day. “Everything is going smooth and without a hitch,” he told CHS.

    Lajeunesse and Sub Pop VP Megan Jasper (Image: Kelton Sears for CHS)

    Social media (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

E Pike illuminated (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

The Oh Sees (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)


Ice cream (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

What you’re not wearing (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

Games (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)

The young ones (Image: Suzi Pratt/CHBP with permission to CHS)


  • Things were relatively cool outside the fences, too. “Pretty calm night outside #chbp fence. 1 car fire, 2 park fights, 1 Rancho Bravo disturbance, 1 ticket fight,” we tweeted last night. And we meant it. UPDATE: OK, add one narcotics arrest and an assault early Saturday morning. But, still, a quite night for SPD.
  • CHBP Live: The new live feed provided via Chase Jarvis Live has been an awesome edition for anybody attending the Block Party only in spirit. It’s pretty cool to be able to embed the feed in our CHS posts, too. Enjoy the show.

  • Streaming live video by Ustream

  • The “light saber” is CHBP 2012 must-have accessory. Yay for toys. (Image: @brandonfoy)

Bang your head (Image: Jim Bennett/CHBP with permission to CHS)

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