Capitol Hill Lost & Found | LOLA IS LOST — UPDATE: Found

Longtime friend of CHS @uncle_vinny found this lost kitty poster in the neighborhood earlier this week. Hopefully it can be a reminder of why you love Capitol Hill — and help Lola find his or her way home.

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9 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Lost & Found | LOLA IS LOST — UPDATE: Found

  1. Almost postive that I’ve seen this cat playing by the road on e pine between 12th/13th for a couple of weeks. Thought it was an outdoor cat. Saw her yesterday and there was a concerned group surrounding Lola. If there is a number on the collar I’d expect a call.

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw this cat last night on 12th, near East Olive Street. It was on the sidewalk outside of the fenced parking lot for the police station. It did have a pink collar on, but I just assumed it was an outdoor cat since I have seen others in that parking lot. I didn’t notice sneezing, but her eyes seemed teary. I will keep an eye out for Lola!

  3. Thanks to lovely and thoughtful Capitol Hill neighbors, Lola was returned home just two days after going missing. She is kind of an indoor/outdoor cat, though she can appear lost, and will always always have her collar on from now on! Thanks for looking out for this special cat, everybody.