Hill street (+park) food: I Love My GFF rolls Broadway, Quack Dogs rules Cal Anderson

Of all the things ever acquired to ingest in the Shell station lot at Pike and Broadway, Friday’s menu is most likely the healthiest of them all. Capitol Hill gluten free types might want to bring a non-believer and grab lunch as new Seattle mobile food provider I Love My GFF makes its first of probable regular visits to the neighborhood Friday.

“They’re going to find a quick and healthy lunch that will really surprise them,” Andrea Ramos Moore promises of her new venture’s Capitol Hill debut.

The menu is simple — you’ll have two quinoa bowls to choose from: the spicy Fiesta Bowl or the colorful Sunshine Bowl. Both are available with or without chicken. For dessert, gluten free sweet tooths will be happy to hear about the Coco-nuts! chocolate chip cookies.

CHS reported earlier this summer on the planned gluten free menu set to accompany the debut of Capitol Cideron E Pike.

Ramos Moore’s food cart is slated to be in the lot from 11a-2p Friday. She said finding a spot for ILMGFF on the Hill was surprisingly easy and reported her intent to be at the location regularly for the foreseeable future. Ramos Moore, however, said she likes to “move around” and keep things fresh by being in new locations.

It’s part of the mission behind her new food cart as she left a corporate job to venture out on her own and take the first steps into a new career in food and drink. “I really want people that have this gluten issue to feel like they have a place to go for lunch,” she said.

Learn more at ilovemygff.com.

Quack Dogs

The Quack Dogs guys (Image: CHS)

For chow from the other end of the spectrum, wander over to Cal Anderson where Quack Dogs is now installed daily as the park’s official vendor. We introduced you to the wiener vendors during the recent heat wave.

“Hello Quack-istas!”, the Quack Dogs Twitter page greets you. “We are a brand new awesome hot dog cart in Seattle: organic, veggie, eco-friendly!”

CHS doesn’t remember the price of a dog — but we can tell you that their Otter Pops are priced competitively at a $1 a pop.

Here’s to the best of luck for Quack Dogs — may your life be more successful and less interesting than Wandering Wieners.



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7 thoughts on “Hill street (+park) food: I Love My GFF rolls Broadway, Quack Dogs rules Cal Anderson

  1. Stop being so egocentric. This isn’t a fad. It’s a genuine necessity for people like my wife who were suddenly and inexplicably diagnosed with gluten intolerance or full-blown Celiac disease. The symptoms range from stomach problems to mood swings to full-blown depression if they eat enough gluten.

    Just because some stupid people use it as a fad diet (which is ineffective since wholesome grains are generally replaced with the empty calories of rice flour) doesn’t make the entire thing pointless.

  2. Well, of course gluten intolerance is a real medical condition, especially for those such as your wife with Celiac Disease. But it is a relatively uncommon condition, and the vast majority of people who claim “gluten sensitivity” are self-diagnosed and are not, in fact, sensitive…..and it is this large group of people who are following a fad diet for no reason, and with no benefit.

  3. People, I can assure you that gluten intolerance / celiac disease is real and I can tell you that it’s very exciting for my family when we disover a new restaurant or store that offers GF foods. My sister has it, my wife has it, and my nine-year old daughter has it. My daughter generally deals with her condition pretty well, but it can get emotionally trying when she goes to a party and everyone is eating pizza or bagels and there is nothing she can eat. I’m sure there are some who do this just as a fad, but there are plenty of folks out there who genuinely can’t eat gluten and will be thrilled to have a new GF option available.

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