In (near) future, Amazon will deliver Capitol Hill’s finest (bagels) to your front door

With the online commerce giant planning a full redefinition of the northern edge of Seattle’s downtown, it is clear this is an Amazon town. Part of living here is benefitting — or at least getting a very close view of — the $107 billion company’s innovations. Starting Thursday, Capitol Hill’s Eltana is slated to get involved with one of those billion dollar innovations as it joins the offerings available via the only-in-Seattle Amazon grocery delivery service.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how it works,” the usually a little more planned-out Stephen Brown said about Thursday’s planned debut of Eltana bagels via Amazon Fresh.

Brown said the company first approached him nearly a year ago about being part of the “Seattle Spotlight” offerings on the online grocery shopping service but nothing came of the discussion. In the meantime, Eltana has expanded off Hill to the overhauled Seattle Center and a second full cafe is being planned for Wallingford. Recently, Amazon checked in with Brown again and a deal was struck.

Amazon will have its trucks swing by the 12th and Pine bagelry a few times a day to pick up six-packs of bagels and a selection of delivery-appropriate spreads for distribution to grocery shoppers across the city. While the particulars of the revenue share are secret, Brown said Eltana is getting a good deal. One requirement: To be part of the service, merchants need to offer their goods at the same or lower prices than shoppers will find at the physical locations.

That’s right. CHS is Big Radish status, bitches (Image: CHS)

Brown said he’s not sure what will come of the relationship with Amazon. The grocery service has been positioned as a pilot by the online commerce giant and has not expanded beyond Seattle in the years it has been in existence. Some have speculated that it is merely a test environment for Amazon’s various delivery ambitions. CHS’s working theory: Amazon sees it as a perk it can offer employees — and everybody else in Seattle. One gauge of its popularity on Capitol Hill is the number of bright plastic totes you can see accumulating on neighborhood porches — though there are fewer of those following a recent transition to using large bags to contain deliveries.

The Eltana-Amazon hook-up isn’t the first time the company has experimented on Capitol Hill. Last September, delivery lockers at the E Madison 7-11 made worldwide news. Apparently, you can now also find Amazon lockers at Broadway Market.

No word if there are more Capitol Hill-related products to follow in the Amazon Fresh local merchants section. The current Seattle Spotlight roster is dominated by Pike Place Market-area shops but the list has been expanding. We suggest AMZN consider Rachel’s Ginger BeerBabeland and a few of our local dispensaries.

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4 thoughts on “In (near) future, Amazon will deliver Capitol Hill’s finest (bagels) to your front door

  1. So excited!!! I will be adding this to my next order. Fresh already brings me Pasta and Co so I no longer have to make the trek to U Village for my artichoke dip it just keeps getting better. BRING IT!

  2. Haay,
    Sorry, but calling Eltana “Seattle’ Finest Bagels” is hysterical! First of all, we don’t have any, I do mean ANY, good bagels in Seattle. Secondly, maybe if you are from Eastern Canada then these are good bagels for you but anyone from the States, especially NY or West L.A. knows that these are poor examples of bagels that don’t represent. The closest thing to a real bagel that we have would be the Bagel deli up on 15th, on Capitol Hill. Despite it’s not-quite-it end result, it is certainly the superior bagel but not being a hipster bakery, it doesn’t depend on Amazon deliveries or whatever…scheesh, Eltana!