On Capitol Hill, Halloween starts August 10th

In another life, I made my living studying what people clicked and searched for on what was the most popular homepage in the worldTM. One of my earliest discoveries: Halloween really begins in August.

Google’s nifty little search trends tool shows the interest pattern pretty well.

As we approach our seventh birthday, CHS is about to achieve a first. We finally were reminded about the legendary Brocklind’s costume garage sale in time to post about it.

Have fun, Halloween freaks. You also might think about picking up something appropriate for Sunday’s croquet benefit for the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Meanwhile, you can use Google trends to find out when things have settled down enough to ask about the Brocklind’s secret tour. Don’t try to search for any info. Like we said, secret.

Brocklind’s sale runs Friday and Saturday, 9a-6p, at 500 E Pike.

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