CHS Pics | The E Denny Way Lego window

There is a Capitol Hill art walk destination you can stop by any time — as long as the blinds are open.

We first learned abou the E Denny Way Lego window thanks to the Stranger. CHS contributor Alex Garland stopped by to check out the display and asked a man he found sitting outside, “Do you know the guy who has the Legos?” Turns out, Alex was talking to Rob Lowe, Capitol Hill’s own Lego artist. Alex tells us Lowe invited him inside to show more of his work. Lowe said he use to build model fire trucks but had to stop when the hobby shop closed. Tracking down paint and glue was a drag so he moved to Legos.

Alex says Lowe has big plans for the window at 600 E Denny Way. Watch for more levels, towns, and, possibly, a Death Star.

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