Join Capitol Hill Tenants for Marriage Equality to ‘out-raise Breier-Scheetz’

The neighbors rallying to counter their landlord’s work — and a big donation — against marriage equality are looking for tenants at other Capitol Hill Breier-Scheetz  properties to join the cause:
Breier-Scheetz Properties, LLC is the owner of eight apartment buildings on Capitol Hill and recently donated $20,0000.00 to Preserve Marriage Washington campaign to help fund against Referendum 74.  This happened after one tenant raised $1800.00 for Washington United for Marriage in the courtyard of one of their buildings, as indicated in a Slog post last week.
A number of community members that live in these respective properties have set a goal of trying to raise $20,000.00 to match Breier-Scheetz Properties, LLC  donation for Washington United for Marriage. Our goal is to have a fundraiser in all of the courtyards of all their properties. We’ve secured party hosts for two of the properties, The Granada and the New McDermott apartments. We are still trying to locate people willing to host a fundraiser in the common area of the following apartment buildings on 9/22 from 3-7pm. 

Hosts needed:
The Hillsborough Condominiums 740 Bellevue Ave E
Lenawee Apartments 1629 Harvard Ave
Terrace Crest Apartments 517 9th Ave
Mission Inn Apartments, 1743 Boylston Ave
The Corinthian Apartments· , 1705 Summit Ave
Second and Pine Apartments· , 211 Pine St
duplex on Howell StreetAnd a located at 604 E Howell St
If you are interested, we are having a community meeting this Thursday, September 13 at 6:00pm at Arabica Café. 

Find out more on our Facebook page: Capitol Hill Tenants for Marriage Equality-

CHS has sent email, left a phone message and, yes, even faxed Breier-Scheetz to ask the company more about its decision to donate $20,000 to defeat Washington’s R-74.

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5 thoughts on “Join Capitol Hill Tenants for Marriage Equality to ‘out-raise Breier-Scheetz’

  1. When I was a tenant, I always had a mindset of stewardship and partnership with those landlords who treated tenants well.

    On the other hand, a tenant whose landlord is a douchebag can take everything legally permitted from that landlord and leave the property in the worst condition legally allowable.

    If I rented from these bigots, I would contrive to be a very expensive tenant. Any dollar you cost them is one they can’t spend on hatred.

  2. On that original Slog post you’ll see that a rep from B-S tried to troll the person who came forward with their story. And Cienna Madrid outed them as being from B-S.

    Go ahead and post your questions there and I’m sure they’ll see them :)

  3. What really pisses me off is that basically all tenants at Corinthian just got a sizable rent increase effective 9/1. We all got a little letter blaming increasing costs for maintenance, etc.

    If they’re willing to shell out $20k to a psycho cause, they should at least be willing to have a reliable laundry room. Don’t even get me started on the terrible plumbing in the bathrooms.