On the List | Art walk, M-bibe roof party, Menchie’s celebrates, St. Joe’s bbq (+18 more)

September’s art walk kicks things off for plenty of good times and good caused on Capitol Hill this weekend including a Seattle-brity spelling bee, a roof-top bike benefit, a grand opening celebration and a free and fun family event at St. Joe’s. Doing something on Capitol Hill people should know about? Add it to the free CHS Calendar.

Thursday 9/13

Join local superstars Rachel Flotard, Ellen Forney, Charles Mudede, Garth Stein, Kathleen Flenniken, Nicole Brodeur, Emmett Montgomery and Suzanne Morrison as they go head-to-head in a spell-off,  trying to impress judges Paul Constant, Brangien Davis and Jerry Holkins (all done under the watchful eye of host Nicole Hardy). The contestants are competing for honor, of course, but the real winner will be Hugo House: all proceeds made, from admission to raffle tickets to bids to help contestants cheat, will go directly to paying for Hugo House programming. 

Friday 9/14

Saturday 9/15

Sunday 9/16

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