Paintings of India bring high drama to Seattle Asian Art Museum

(Images: CHS)

You won’t find much more drama in your Capitol Hill art than the two exhibitions that debuted this week in Volunteer Park’s Seattle Asian Art Museum. Exploring themes of devotion, despair, sorrow and sadness, Paintings of the Ramayana and Women’s Paintings from the Land of Sita fill SAAM’s galleries with Lifetime-network worthy storylines set in the colors of India.

The Ramayana exhibition runs from September through December 2nd and brings some 44 works of Indian art from the 16th through the 20th Centuries to Seattle.

It is accompanied by the Sita showing which features women’s domestic painting done with simple materials and papers. Despite their Bihar provenance, all of the Sita works are from the local collection of Gursharan and Elvira Sidhu.

As part of the exhibition, ACT Theatre will also present the world premiere of “Ramayana” starting October 12.

The Seattle Asian Art Museum is located in Volunteer Park above the reservoir. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10a to 5p and Thursdays 10a to 9p. It is closed Mondays and Tuesdays — including Labor Day.


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