What to expect during Capitol Hill Station construction

On Monday, we told you about the start of construction on the project to build the light rail subway facility on Broadway between John and Denny. Here’s a brief provided to CHS from Sound Transit on what the four-year construction project will entail:

Turner Construction is preparing to move on site to start construction of the station structures (platform, below and above ground parts of the entrances). Their contract was formally awarded last week and we have internal steps to check off before they’re given the actual “Notice to Proceed” (NTP). We expect the NTP within a couple weeks.

We will still have a lot of coordination between contractors to be watchful of as our mining contractors wrap up their work and the station contractors move in.

Some of Turner’s first activities will include pouring the concrete for the actual station walls. That could start as soon as late November.  This work would be done during normal business hours and should not involve major truck traffic increases compared to what it took to haul out the mining spoils. For the most part, you won’t see much of a change in traffic coming and going from the site. 

Behind the walls, the construction sequence over the next few years will go something like this, with many activities taking place concurrently and being completed by different contractors:

  • Station walls
  • Tunnel rail installation
  • Tunnel systems installation  (power and communications systems)
  • Station interior construction
  • Pedestrian tunnel under Broadway construction (note, this will be constructed from the top down)
  • Station exterior/entrance construction
  • Train/systems testing
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    3 thoughts on “What to expect during Capitol Hill Station construction

    1. Does this mean a “cut-and-cover” type tunnel? This would mean a very large excavation on Broadway, at about the same time the streetcar comes on board and by itself screws up any kind of reasonable traffic flow. Disaster looms….