Bike rider in her 70s hit by car at Bellevue and Denny Way injured but doing well

Let’s start with the good part. The woman who was hit is reportedly doing fine. And her bike basket of brussel sprouts survived the incident.

In the midst of Monday night’s incredibly rainy conditions, a woman bike rider in her 70s was struck by a car crossing the busy intersection at Bellevue and E Denny Way. The rider who was wearing a helmet was taken to the hospital with a fracture and scrapes from the collision.

According to Seattle Fire, a relative of the woman stopped by Fire Station 25 Tuesday to pick up her bike and told the crew she is doing well despite the injuries.

Seattle Fire also reports that her load of sprouts came through the ordeal unscathed. Depending on where you fall on the brussel sprout continuum, that is either good news or bad.

Medics were also called to a car vs. motorcycle crash reported a short time later at 103 Bellevue Ave E but the injuries in the incident were not serious enough for anybody to be taken to the hospital.

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5 thoughts on “Bike rider in her 70s hit by car at Bellevue and Denny Way injured but doing well

  1. Did she make it home in time to cook those babies & feed her family?

    But seriously, I’m a biker & all you drivers out there need to pay attention a little more. I’ve been hit before & recently witnessed another accident on the hill. Bikes just can’t compete against vehicles & all the horsepower they carry.

    Also… Please watch out when opening your car doors.

  2. It’s not just car drivers, it’s all of us. We all need to be careful. Especially on rainy days. I’ve almost hit pedestrians on a few occasions because they were wearing dark clothing and walking against lights in the rain. Or cyclists who blow past lights and 4 way stops without stopping.

  3. carnitos. Cyclists can do their part and not run intersections on red lights and keep an eye out for cars as well. It’s literally a two way street.

  4. I live and work on the hill, and walk to work everyday. I can say it’s an absolute rarity when a bicycle stops for me on a crosswalk even more so than cars.