Hillcats 2012 III

“This is Kiki with her favorite toy (Miller Park).”

Hipster cat band starred Tigger, Puff, and Smoke.  Tigger (18) and Smoke (16) both passed away earlier this year but they held court on the hill for their entire lives. Puff is surveying the goings on at Thomas & Boylston from his bedroom window (and has been doing so for 17 years.)

“Winston of Summit and Roy likes to do it with his socks on.”

“Meet Bucket (alert) and Lulu (lounging). They’re proud Hillcats and daily Hill observers. They know if you’ve been naughty or nice.”

“This is Charmer – he likes sleeping next to the heater this time of year. We live a few blocks from Trader Joe’s.”

“Gary Glockenspiel of Bellevue, Bellevue, Bellevue”

“Jaspurr Johns does it all for the belly rubs. 23rd & Aloha-ish”

“Christmas kitties on Bellevue E.”

“Last of my HillCats: Meet Antoine Rasputin Little-Bunny-Foo-Foo-Hopping-Through-The-Forest-Scooping-Up-The-Field-Mice-And-Bopping-Them-On-TheHead Napoleon Bathory the Third! He dressed up as QuailCat for Halloween a couple years ago.”

“Hector the glamor puss.”

“Elizabeth Taylor and D’Artagnan making sweet love. They are actually brother and sister, so presumably this is just a friendly hug and hopefully not a passionate embrace….They live very happily on Federal and Republican.”

“This is Foo. He resides on Belmont & E. Olive St.”

“Bellatrix is also a proud Hillcat.”

“Hi! This is my cat, French Mathematician Blaise Pascal! We live in First Hill, but CLOSE ENUFF.”

“Oh, and this handsome devil is moving to Cap Hill on Monday! His name is Tiger and he belongs to my parents, Karen-Phil Lloyd.”

“Hillcat Sweet P’Tater has most likely watched you as you walk around 12th & Madison.”

“Rupert is a Hillcat, and he wants in!”

/>“Mister E is a Devon Rex Hillcat and lives on 23rd Ave E.”

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