Lockdowns in area after reported robbery at 18th and Pike — UPDATE: Suspects not found

Police were reportedly pursuing multiple suspects on foot after a robbery near E Pike and 18th Ave Friday afternoon. At least one facility in the area was on lockdown during the chase.

We’re still gathering details on the incident. Police records show a robbery dispatch to the location just after 1 PM. One account sent to CHS said the robbery occurred at a bank — we’re not aware of any in the area on the backside of the old TT Minor campus. We’re also checking on what facilities in the area may have a credit union or ATM machine.

All details are preliminary at this point and have not been confirmed with SPD.

UPDATE: SPD says the incident was an armed street robbery involving two suspects reportedly with a gun. The victim was robbed of an iPhone around 12:45 PM before calling police from a nearby coffee shop. A search for the suspects who fled the area on foot was not successful.

Police were also busy around the same time with this drive-by shooting near South Seattle’s Franklin High School.

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7 thoughts on “Lockdowns in area after reported robbery at 18th and Pike — UPDATE: Suspects not found

  1. Interesting. Wonder if it’s the same ppl who mugged a girl of her iPhone this last Tues night around 10pm on my street, 22nd, between John and Madison. I never heard if they were armed or not, but she was pretty shaken.

  2. I was at the robbery that occured around 1pm. There were three young black males that robbed a young lady. I found out later that one of them had a handgun. I pursued them down the street in my vehicle until they went down an alley and got away before I could catch them. I am pretty sure they live in that housing project on the corner of 18th and madison. Apparently witnesses saw two of the three men from the earlier robbery run down the same alley that I pursued the suspects. Keep an eye out if in the neighborhood, as I said, they are three young black males, they were wearing masks, and apparently the handgun was nickel or silver plated. I hope these cowards are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, I also hope they get the whooping they deserve before the cops catch them.

  3. I cannot picture the housing project at 18th and Madison. There are towers, a little condo complex, an office building, and then a lot and a dry cleaners and west of that Trader Joe’s.