Sides, pies and Mac & Yease — Here’s a menu for your Capitol Hill Thanksgiving feast

Now that we’ve stuffed you with overwhelming magnanimity with our 2012 Holiday feed the hungry and volunteer opportunities around Capitol Hill list, here are a few ideas for putting together a low-effort, totally delicious, let somebody else do the work Capitol Hill feast. If we missed your offerings or you have something to add, let us know (and apologies!). Putting this list together a few years ago would have been kind of a boring affair. But, as you can see below, today’s Capitol Hill horn of plenty overflows.

  • You can invite members of all tribes to your feast thanks to Plum’s Vegan offerings:

  • Skillet provides you with a bacon-ful set of Turkey Day sides. Only one problem: You’ll have to pick up the goods in SoDo.
  • You can do things in true Pacific Northwest Southern style thanks to The Wandering Goose:
  • Pie is required. High 5 Pie makes pie.
  • As of November 12th, Rainshadow Meats still had turkeys for order.
  • Grab a bottle of Capitol Hill Red from Vino Verite.
  • You might be able to beg your way into a Volunteer Park Cafe pie. Ordering deadline was today (Thursday). Oops.
  • Cupcake Royale’s Pumpkin cardamon cupcakes could be an alternative for any anti-pie contingents that unexpectedly invade your dinner.
  • CHS will definitely have Caffe Vita holiday blend on the table. (And hopefully a little whiskey to add if dad actually takes us up on the invitation. Oola has holiday gift boxes. Convenient!)
  • Seattle Times recommends Eat Local for its no-cooking Thanksgiving for two menu.
  • The Broadway Farmers Market stays open through Christmas these days. The vendors will be out there 11-3 this Sunday with plenty of goods to add to your feast
  • Or you could just crash the Occupy/anarchist crowd’s Thanksgiving feast at Black Coffee Co-op. If they won’t have you, Unicorn/Narwhal will.
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6 thoughts on “Sides, pies and Mac & Yease — Here’s a menu for your Capitol Hill Thanksgiving feast

  1. I hope you will also do a list of who is open for Thanksgiving meals in person rather than take-away. I would love to be with family but my wallet won’t allow the high cost of flying. My bf and I will be going out for a Thanksgiving meal somewhere here on the Hill :)

  2. Thanks Laurie! With limited time, etc., social media is really helpful in helping us keep track of what is going on around the ‘hood. I know it’s yet another thing for a small business to worry about — but it’s why we miss some of the older, more established businesses that aren’t as active on Twitter or Facebook. Of course, we can always be reached by email at And sometimes we’ll actually do the work of picking up a telephone :) Appreciate the addition.

  3. We plan to have a list next week — most of the restaurants that open don’t require reservations so we tend to list the restaurant feasts closer to the holiday. If people want to help or start getting the information out early, please add on. We need all the help we can get in compiling these kinds of lists.

  4. Ba Bar is also selling Pies Sour Cream Apple $21, Upside Down Carmel Apple $24, Sweet Potato Pecan $24, Chocolate Pear Gateau $28 and their Famous Macarons $15 per Dozen. Karen doesn’t dissapoint! Have to order by Monday!

  5. Just noticed this sign on the front of Toscana Pizzeria:

    We are hosting a free Thanksgiving dinner from 4pm to 8pm on Nov. 22nd at 601 Summit Ave E (between Top Pot and Summit Pub)
    We welcome all those without Thanksgiving dinner to join us!