Blotter | Woman dukes it out with Capitol Hill car prowler, bad cab ride ends at East Precinct

  • Boylston car prowler: A woman fought with a thief she caught red-handed, ripped off the man’s shirt and sweatshirt and managed to get the man to drop two stolen bags after she stumbled upon a duo breaking into her car inside a 1700 block of Boylston parking garage early Thursday. According to the SPD report on the 1 AM incident, the woman heard a car alarm sounding in the building’s garage. When she went to investigate, she found that the alarm was sounding from her car which had a shattered passenger-side window. She saw one suspect run from a stairwell and found another man crouching behind the vehicle. The woman chased him down, grabbing him as the suspect began punching the woman. The woman told police she punched the suspect back even as he told her he had a knife. The suspect eventually dropped two bags taken from the car and ran from the garage but not before the woman said she had ripped off the man’s shirt and sweatshirt. The second suspect apparently made of with a black messenger bag in the fracas. Police searched for the duo but were unable to locate them. No suspect description is available but police believe they know who the alleged thieves are based on details provided by the victim.
  • Bad cab ride ends at East Precinct: A cabbie picked up a troublesome fare on Monday just after midnight that ended with the passenger vomiting in the cab, fighting with the driver and then choking and bashing the driver’s head into the steering wheel while parked in front of 12th and Pine’s East Precinct headquarters in plain view of responding SPD officers. 


According to the report on the incident, the driver told police he picked the man up at 29th and E Cherry and headed for his 12th and Jefferson destination. On the way, the passenger changed his mind and asked the driver to take him home to the U District. As he drove, the cabbie asked for better directions and found that his fare had vomited and passed out in the back of the cab. Awoken, the rider asked to be taken back to 12th and Jefferson. The cabbie headed back south and informed the man he would have to cover the cost of the long trip — and pay for cleaning up the vomit. The driver said the man then climbed into the front seat of the cab and began punching him in the head as drove to the East Precinct to seek the safety of SPD:

After a struggle in which one officer was struck in the head, the suspect was taken into custody and booked for assault of the cab driver and the officer. The driver declined medical attention but sustained lacerations and swelling in the assault.

5 thoughts on “Blotter | Woman dukes it out with Capitol Hill car prowler, bad cab ride ends at East Precinct

  1. To defend one’s self against wrongdoing is to defend everyone against it. Many thanks to both these individuals for risking harm while reducing the odds that the rest of us will be subjected to similar bad behavior.

  2. Not a good move at all on the part of this woman. She was lucky not to have been badly injured or killed by these amoral street thugs. I would be more supportive if her body was being attacked, not just her property (car)…it’s just not worth the risk to “defend” the latter.

    Much better would have been to call 911…there would have been at least a chance of a rapid response and the arrest of the perps.

  3. Calhoun..It’s cute that you think SPD could have responded or done a thing about this. Bravo to this Chic for guarding those that are good and whole.

  4. My car has been broken into multiple times on Capitol Hill. Every time, unless you have a good car insurance like Safeco that covers windows, you could be out a couple hundred dollars in addition to the stolen property. The police honestly can’t do anything to help. I have fantasized many times about catching one of these assholes in the act. This lady is my hero.