Celebrate the end of one prohibition at Smith, another at midnight

Wednesday night, 15th Ave E’s Smith is celebrating Repeal Day:

Celebrate the End of Prohibition With SMITH on December 5th!

On Wednesday, December 5th from 8 PM to 2 AM, celebrate the 79th Anniversary of the end of Alcohol Prohibition by drinking at SMITH!

In honor of this boozy holiday we will debut our first tap cocktail: the Northwest Vesper featuring Batch 206 Counter Gin, Batch 206 Vodka and Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth!

The question is how Washington hipster bars will celebrate December 6th in 2091.

Here are a few things to read to help guide your way:

To the seasoned tokers in the CHS audience, what do people new to marijuana — or veterans who have been away from the drug — need to know come Thursday? Any advice for the connoisseur culture of Capitol Hill?

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate the end of one prohibition at Smith, another at midnight

  1. You still can’t legally smoke in public. If you’re like many on the hill then you probably don’t have a nice yard you can retreat to.

    >If you plan on using in an apartment or shared building, you may want to consider a vaporizer. If you have the money, the volcano is the best, in my opinion. If you want to spend a lot less, I can also recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB is less effective, but good enough for most cases. There may also be better portable vapes now.

    >For those on more of a budget, I would not recommend rolling joints. I think it’s pretty wasteful. You should instead acquire at least a pipe or bong.

    >Also, do not attempt to make butter in your kitchen unless you’re okay with everything smelling pretty dank for a long time.

    >In reality, I think you will probably be fine smoking in public, but don’t be a jackass. Try to find a semi deserted part of a park or something. Just try to be courteous of others.

    >Do not drive for about 3ish hours afterwards. maybe more.

    >Please, don’t everyone start wearing Jamaican flag colors and Bob Marley shirts. I like to pretend to be a square when I’m not smoking :-)

    >remember, work/school first, then toke :-)