Neighbours welcomes Therapy. to Broadway nightlife

We were wrong. There aren’t two more places to have a drink on Capitol Hill this weekend. There are three.

A venture calling itself Therapy. — period and all — is celebrating a grand opening Friday night and promising free food to get you in the door. A quick perusal of liquor license updates doesn’t show any new entity at Pike and Broadway licensed to dole out booze so we’re assuming this is an offspring of Neighbours.

We’ll let you know if we ever hear back. We’re also assuming somebody out there who goes dancing more than CHS does already can tell us more. Please do.

Therapy. is not to be confused with Theory which sprung up at nearby club The Social after another restaurant venture failed.

Earlier this year we reported on a round of updates and upgrades to Neighbours as it worked through permit issues with the City of Seattle.

Broadway at Pike sits poised for a sudden onslaught of drinky drink opportunities as  Q’s lounge componentdevelops a following and new projects fill in the corner where a coffee chain and a gallery recently departed to make away for new food and drink ventures including Capitol Cider.


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5 thoughts on “Neighbours welcomes Therapy. to Broadway nightlife

  1. This is just the crappy front part of Neighbours, with the fake potted plants, right? The one that gets a new name every 6 months and shuts down a few weeks later? I’m sure this will be no different.

  2. I work there, we are under the same umbrella as nieghbors, but are our own bar to defuse any confusion. That and we offer crazy cheap drinks(3 dollar wells, 5 dollar doubles all the time), a revamped decour, and pretty amazing food. Come say hi

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