Blotter: Eastlake SWAT raid, Broadway/Pike sandwich ‘armed robbery’, NYE bank hold-up charges

  • Warrant served: Hear a boom Thursday morning? @SeattlePD says: “Burglary dets/SWAT serving a warrant near Boylston & E Newton St. in Eastlake. SWAT used a “distraction device” earlier, but no shots fired.”
  • Sandwich shoplifter allegedly threatens to shoot guard: A man attempting to take a deli sandwich and two bottles of Fireball whiskey Wednesday from the Harvard Market QFC without paying escalated the situation into an armed robbery response when he threatened a security guard while trying to make off with his ill-gotten booty. “If you don’t let me go I will pull out my shotgun and shoot you,” the man reportedly said as he made his way onto Broadway and tried to escape on foot after stowing the bottles inside his coat and safely tucking away his custom-made sandwich from the deli counter somewhere on his person after a trip to the QFC bathroom. According to the report on the 1:21 PM incident, police chased the man into a parking lot in the 1500 block of Broadway where he attempted to hide the booze under a truck and the sandwich in the pickup truck’s bed. Police arrived with the security officer in tow who identified the man and, the report notes, collected the whiskey and the sandwich for return to QFC. The suspect, smelling of alcohol and “visibly intoxicated”, police say, was booked into King County Jail for investigation of robbery.
  • Charges in NYE bank robbery: The suspect busted with his hands reportedly in his pants and hundreds of dollars in his shoes after a New Year’s Eve robbery at the US Bank on Broadway has been charged for the crime. Police say 45-year-old Patrick Higuera, a homeless man with a record of trespass, theft and drug crimes across multiple states, walked out of the Broadway bank on New Year’s Eve with more than $2,000:

He was spotted the next day when a woman reported seeing a man apparently committing a lewd act on E Pike:

According to the charging documents, Higuera admitted to the crime and described his few hours as a wealthy man on New Year’s Eve in Seattle:

Higuera’s initial arraignment was rescheduled for later this month because of “disruptive” behavior, according to court documents. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

  • Victim ready to “hunt down” mugger: A street robbery involving a suspect and victim who apparently knew each other sent a man to the hospital early last Friday morning — just after 5 AM at Harvard and Pike. Here’s the SPD report on the incident:
  • Man rises from wheelchair to fend off mugger: This final item occurred well off the Hill down near St. James Cathedral but is worthy of note: 

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