Capitol Hill Lists | Rock Box Karaoke Top 10 of 2012 — Plus, CHS ‘most important’ votes

We haven’t featured our Capitol Hill lists posts in a few weeks — we’re hoping Elliott Bay Book Co. can continue to provide the base for the series with its weekly bestsellers updates. As usual, we’re always on the hunt for Capitol Hill top lists and datasets to share. Send us a note if you have something to add. In the meantime, we do have a few Hill-based bar charts to entertain and inform you. First, Rock Box at Pine and Nagle was kind enough to share its most-sung songs of 2012 data with us. Second, we have the results from the various “most important” 2012 year in review polls we ran around the holidays.

  • Here’s what was hot at Rock Box in 2012. We’d bet some of these will crack the 2013 list, too.

We’d gladly compare/contrast with Crescent or other lists if available. Illuminating, we’re sure.

Our various year in review posts for 2012 included votes for three categories — development, food and drink, and “most important” news of the year for Capitol Hill.


  • DevelopmentThe development vote drew a crowd of respondents eager to tell the world that the aPodments/microhousing issues were the most important story for the Hills redevelopment in 2012. 

Pike/Pine preservation and the progress on the Capitol Hill Station followed far behind. Some of the always interesting “other” responses:
   o “Abuse/overuse of the term “NIMBY”. NIMBY == “I want cellphone coverage everywhere, but don’t put an antenna in my backyard.” I view many of the Cap. Hill reactions that are labeled as NIMBY as really being NIABY — Not in Anyone’s Backyard”
   o “The continued, bad architecture and ugly appearance of the new buildings”

  •  Food & Drink: Our look at 2012 in the restaurant and bar biz — Capitol Hill food+drink doubles down — inspired a tepid response to our admittedly light-weight poll. Only 44 respondents said that, yup, the newbies were the story in 2012:

We admit it — we were keeping the food+drink powder dry for the big vote. You can see results from the 2012 survey of Capitol Hill’s top new bars and restaurants here.

By the way, the food and drink vote garnered only two “other” votes — one voter said Fogon should be considered a “top” story for the year, the other voted for this: “Excess of bar/restaurant openings will equate to exceptionally high failure rates.”


  • Most-Important Capitol Hill Stories of 2012:  The big round-up of top stories of the year is here. Survey voters turned to the polls for stories with the biggest meaning for the year, selecting the passage of R-74 and I-502 as the neighborhood’s top stories. Microhousing, again, weighed in high on the list. In the “other” bucket, this was probably our favorite: “none of the above … yawn, CHS.” Thanks!

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