Do you want to claim this Capitol Hill bus shelter? It’s about to be ‘removed’

Metro has stopped serving the bus stop in front of the E Madison Bank of America and, at least on CHS’s previous visit to the street, the structure has been repurposed for somebody trying to find a warm place to sleep. The bank is planning to tear the shelter down — it owns and is responsible for it — but before he does, B of A’s Robert Odegard wants to know if anybody in the community would like to claim the colorful artwork. Contact details are below. We’re thinking chicken coop  – though the guy living there now would probably prefer it have a different fate.

King County Metro recently discontinued service to the Bus Stop located at 1300 E Madison Street in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood.  The colorful and artistic Bus Stop Enclosure that was left behind is unmaintained and a security concern to neighboring commercial tenants.  The owners of the property where this structure is located are proposing to remove and dispose of this structure from the area.  If anyone is interested in removing the structure for the artwork, please contact Property Manager Robert Odegard at 206.358.7568 prior to February 15, 2013. The structure is scheduled to be removed at the end of February 2013.

9 thoughts on “Do you want to claim this Capitol Hill bus shelter? It’s about to be ‘removed’

  1. I live two blocks from this shelter and it was convenient to catch the 12 to downtown. Now it’s not convenient. Lately Metro has been getting rid of several stops on the hill including this one. I don’t know if Metro has decided that their goal is to make all bus stops at least four blocks apart. I don’t like it.

    As for the shelter, if it’s not going to be a bus shelter it should be removed since all it is now is a place for homeless people to congregate and sleep.

  2. The story says that BofA “owns” the bus shelter and “is responsible for it”. Do private businesses own all of the bus shelters in Seattle? Maybe I just don’t understand but it seems that King County Metro or some Greater Puget Sound transit entity would own maintain any bus shelters at bus stops.

  3. I agree. There are a lot of stops which are ridiculously close to other stops, and it won’t kill anybody to walk a block. I wish they’d review the stops on the #2 next. There are some that are literally ONE block from the next closest.

  4. Not really. Other factors, including choices made by the guy himself, have resulted in his homelessness. BOA has absolutely nothing to do with his situation. In fact, they are responsible for providing him shelter for quite awhile.