Hill-rooted author at Elliott Bay to read YA novel about girls falling in love with girls

Hesik (Image: Bold Stroke Books)

Annameekee Hesik is a self-proclaimed lover of rainbows, and it wasn’t until she was in high school, she says, when she realized why so many Capitol Hill residents loved rainbows too.

“I always felt a special connection to Capitol Hill,” Hesik says, who will be returning to the hill on Friday to read her first LGBTQ young-adult fiction book, “The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year,” at the Elliott Bay Book Co.

Hesik, who spent her childhood divided between her father’s Capitol Hill home and life with her mother in California and Arizona, came out as a lesbian at age 15.

The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year, Hesik says, is a book she wishes were around when she started falling for girls.

“I didn’t have the openly-gay celebrities around when I was growing up, but even with that, I think some of us are living in this bubble where it’s OK to be a LGBTQ teen,” she says. “While the acceptance is great, we have to remember that in other parts of the country there are still very real struggles.”

We learned about Hesik’s visit from her father Richard Hesik. “We lived on the Hill for 22 years at 16th and Aloha,” Hesik writes. “I was also president to the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce in the 80s and on the foundation board at Seattle Central.”

His daughter’s novel follows Abbey Brooks, an incoming freshman, who falls for a flirtatious Hog Dog on a Stick chick during a day at the mall. The year continues with tryouts for the girls’ basketball team, with more you-know-who girls. Despite trying to ignore the weird, happy feeling in her gut, Abbey finds the girls in uniform impossible to resist.

Hesik is in the process of writing novel number two, The You Know Who Girls: Sophomore Year, and hopes to continue the young-adult series until Abbey reaches Senior Year.

Join her at her reading and book signing at Elliott Bay Book Co. on January 18 at 7 PM.

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