SunBreak | Become a true Seahawks fan in 5 easy steps

The Seahawks are good again and there’s plenty of room on the bandwagon. Nate Silver has climbed aboard, so why not you? To establish your Hawks fan bonafides, this lifelong fan humbly suggests five tasks.

1. Punch Yourself Repeatedly in the Face.
This simple exercise will replicate 37 years of Seahawks fandom. Since 1976, we fans have endured such trauma as the team nearly moving to Los Angelesthe Vinnie Testaverde helmet touchdown, and Dan McGwire. Make one of the punches extra hard to represent Super Bowl XL, whenreferee incompetence robbed the Seahawks of a world championship.

2. Select Your Game Day Garb
From dogs to babies to the elderly to mystery beings, Seahawks fans love to dress up. Ifelaborate face paint and 8 pounds of Mardi Gras beads isn’t your style, snag a t-shirt at the team store. If you want to look really legit, check out the vintage Seahawks gear at Throwbacks NW. This hat says “I remember the Chuck Knox years” even if you don’t.

3. Respond to the Name “Twelve”
Seahawks fans are known collectively as “Twelves,” a reference to Seahawks fans as “the 12th man.” The Seahawks retired the #12 in honor of the fans in 1984. You’ll often see folks wearing Seahawks #12 jerseys with “Fan” on the back.

4. Join the Cult of Wilson
Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson is practically a deity in Seahawks’ fans eyes after having one of the best rookie seasons in history. Beyond that, the humble yet driven Wilson appears to be pretty much the world’s greatest person.

5. Be F***ing Loud
Perhaps as a way of throwing off our culturally inherited Scandinavian reserve, Seattle fans are exceptionally loud. The NFL instituted an anti-noise rule in 1989 because of deafening Kingdome volumes, and the tradition has continued at CenturyLink Field. Since the Seahawks began playing there, opposing offenses have committed 121 false starts–more than at any NFL stadium. Screaming fans actually caused a seismic event during a 2011 playoff game.

Ready, go! Someday, maybe we’ll randomly hug in a bar after a Seahawks touchdown. We’ll try not to get our beads tangled.

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