The votes are in for 2012’s ‘most important’ new Capitol Hill restaurants and bars

Creating a successful business venture has always required a posse of family, friends and dedicated supporters. Social media isn’t really new. But it wasn’t a factor in your grandfather’s SurveyMonkey online polls. These days, however, any kind of online “best of” becomes a sort of test of the candidates’ social media machines.

It’s good and fair. But there are always other ways to cut the numbers. In the 2011 CHS poll for the “most important” new Capitol Hill bars and restaurants, we scrubbed the votes and Canon, Momiji and the dearly departed Chino’s came out on top.

For 2012’s rookie of the year voting, we offer two different cuts of the numbers. Voting included 44 worthy and not so worthy candidates that debuted during the calendar year — or very late in 2011.

Here are the results of the basic, unfiltered cut of the votes. Congratulations, 8 oz. Burger.


8 oz, by the way, is a CHS advertiser.

Of the 1,508 ballots recorded in the 2012 vote, we found that more than half of the submissions included a vote for only a single candidate. That, too, is good and fair. CHS allowed voters to submit as many candidates as they saw fit. But we also noticed that the single-candidate ballots were disproportionately associated with a small set of restaurants and bars. You can call these folks the social media mavens. They pack a loyal posse. Good and fair. 

Here is the vote when filtered for ballots containing at least two candidates. It’s an interesting alternative take on the vote:

Crumble & Flake, you are important, too, apparently.

What will we do for 2013’s rookie class when the time comes to assess the year? Sneakily filter for ballots with at least three candidates? Change the vote to “most socially powerful?” Charge voters a buck? Scrap the whole thing as a ripe-for-frustration stunt? Who knows! We have a year to figure it out. Again.

In the meantime, for your entertainment and education, here are the 21 “other” responses we received in the 2012 vote:

  • Kaladi’s expansion
  • Momiji, 22 Doors, The Shop Agora
  • Med Mix
  • JuiceboxSeattle
  • Taco’s Gringos
  • Lick Pure Creamery
  • The Woods
  • Altura
  • Petirosso
  • Momiji
  • Petirosso
  • Big Marios
  • Momiji
  • eltana
  • Etana
  • Note: Skelly & Bean closed in December 2012
  • Fogon
  • Cure
  • Maybe Altura isn’t “catching on” with you, but they are definitely a FAB addition to the CH scene
  • Analog Coffee
  • montana was the most improtant

We love “other.”

We’ve posted the full results here.

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4 thoughts on “The votes are in for 2012’s ‘most important’ new Capitol Hill restaurants and bars

  1. It seems most people have had a better experience at The Pine Box, however last month, myself and 3 friends went in to check it out and have a drink before dinner and we were never served, we stood waiting to get a drink no bartenders acknowledged us, ever said hi or we will be right with you. Completely ignored. We waited 15 min then left. So we won’t go back, and we’ve told friends too, we were not so impressed. We walked across the street and were promptly served by the warm staff at the wonderful Still Liquor! Go check them out for a nice drink. Cheers!

  2. We ate at 8oz. Burger a couple of times while visiting during the holidays. Definitely not your typical burger joint as the menu is like no other, the burgers are perfection, the fries are fantastic and the cocktails are made by very skilled mixologists. When was the last time you had a Tom & Jerry? Well, I asked for one and it was made on the spot by scratch. Beyond fabuloso!

  3. Capitol Hill really voted a chain as the best new restaurant? They really need to rename themselves to Corporation Hill, with an onslaught of chain restaurants moving in and small businesses fleeing in droves. Don’t get me wrong, 8 oz is good, but not good enough to be voted the best on the Hill.

    Next year, it’ll probably be Chipotle and Yet Another Frozen Yogurt Shop vying for best new restaurant. You’ve changed Capitol Hill…you’ve changed.