CHS Pics | Montana celebrates expanded boundaries on E Olive Way

Montana’s presence in Capitol Hill nightlife has certainly grown in 2013. Sunday night, the E Olive Way bar threw a party to mark its expansion.

Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz have added a second bar, 45 seats and a lot of standing room — put to full use Sunday — in the land grab that came about as Marshall’s soda venture, Rachel’s Ginger Beer, moved off the Hill for a more industrial Seattle home.

The model for Montana’s growth is mostly one-of-a-kind. Born in 2011 as it took over the space The Buck had called home, Montana’s early days were spent playing second fiddle to the buzzworthy operation next door at the growing Rachel’s Ginger Beer but being early — and putting that ginger soda knowledge to work — with trends like on-tap cocktails helped grow Montana’s following. With its first year under its belt, the bar forged a relationship with a Broadway Farmers Market street food favorites Kedai Makan as it took over a small neighboring counter spot and launched its first fixed-place effort.

(Image: Doug McLaughlin for CHS)

Meanwhile, there is also some big news for Rachel’s Ginger Beer and welcome news for RGB fans “left behind” on Capitol Hill. Beginning in early March, Rachel’s is slated to begin offering growlers and growlettes via online grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh. We’ve reported in the past on Capitol Hill food and drink providers hooking up with the global ecommerce giant for its experimental grocery delivery business here in Seattle and, since, more names like La Spiga have joined the early sign-ups like Eltana. Could we eventually see Montana’s cocktail kegs coming fresh to our doors via Amazon Fresh? It’s possible. According to the Washington State Liquor Board, Amazon has applied for a spirits retailer license on par with those secured by grocery giants like QFC and Safeway. Now if we can just get Amazon to deliver Kedai Makan.

(Image: Doug McLaughlin for CHS)


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