CHS Pics | Portlandia ‘E Pike soda shop’ episode

In a week in which we introduced you to the world’s first Bavarian beer hall and indoor bocce complex, it is only fitting to top it all off with a round of “craft sodas and dessert-focused beers.”

Served at a “microcreamery” ice cream shop.

Put a bird… ah, fuck that. Enough.

CHS stopped by E Pike’s Bluebird Thursday night as Josh Reynolds began serving up his new creations:

Following a very successful first few months at Bluebird’s PhinneyWood store & brewery site, Bluebird Brewing will premier on draft at our Pike Street location this Thursday 2/7/13.

We’ll have a happy hour from 5-7, with all 8 taps flowing.

Bluebird’s 2bbl nanobrewery (located at the site of our PhinneyWood store) will provide Bluebird Ice Cream shops with craft sodas and dessert-focused beers. This means that your favorite ice cream shop will also be your favorite soda fountain, (including adult sodas.) 

We’ll be the first to admit that these things — nanobreweries, bier halls, pie bars — sound like punchlines. They are. But from what we have seen, they’re the most sincere punchlines ever often involving craft and care and always involving huge amounts of effort. We don’t know how these kinds of ideas work as the underpinnings of a local economy. One hypothesis might be that they’ve been around for, well, forever (or at least as long as soda shops) and work just fine. If not, the joke’s on us.

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