Garfield High raffling Tesla to continue funding guidance counselor

Last year, an electric car gave Garfield High School students hope for the future when parents auctioned a Nissan Leaf to fund a career and college counselor.

After raising $40,000 and successfully investing in Garfield’s High School & Beyond Center, the PTSA is hosting the unique auction again this year, giving participants the chance to win a 2013 Tesla Sedan electric car.

“Electric cars represent the future, and we’re working to secure the future for our kids,” says PTSA President Phil Sherburne.

Garfield High School PTSA says they’ll “RAISE THE WOOF!” for the second year by auctioning an electric car to make up for budget cuts that left Garfield students without a career and college counselor three years ago.

2012’s auction netted $40,000 after the PTSA sold 750 tickets. This year, they’re doubling the number of tickets in hopes of raising $80,000 after expenses.

“The center is all about getting kids to think earlier about what to do beyond high school,” Sherburne says. “Whether it’s college or tech school, what we don’t want is for them graduate and have no plan.”

The High School and Beyond center aims to creatively use community resources and paid staff to meet the wide-ranging needs of Garfield’s students and reduce the academic achievement gap.

Any remaining funds will go toward funding the Read Right program and grants for teacher supplies.

While students can’t be directly involved in the raffle sales because of gambling laws, they’ve helped spread the word to parents, graduates and others in the community. Sherburne says there are still plenty of tickets available.

To purchase a ticket, contact Phil Sherburne or visit the auction’s website for more information.

The winner will be announced at Garfield’s “Raise the Woof” all-school auction on March 1, at Showbox SoDo.

  • Auction tickets are $60 and include a dinner by renowned chefs, and musical performances featuring Garfield students and staff.
  • Second, third and fourth-place winners will also receive a cash prize.
  • The winner of the Tesla may also chose to take $50,00 in lieu of the car.
  • RSVP by February 18, 2013.



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