Cops bust creative — but messy — burglar inside Broadway Polyclinic

An alleged burglar used a surgical mask and wire to wreak havoc inside The Polyclinic Broadway last week, but a trail of clothing and a sounding fire alarm allowed police to find him while still inside, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Police responded to the alarm early last Wednesday around 3:30 AM, with reports that youths inside the building pulled three alarms.

While the naughty trio was no longer at the scene, an officer accompanied a supervisor into the building and noticed a suspicious trail.
After taking an elevator to the third floor, the officer and the building supervisor opened a stairwell door, causing several plastic cards that were propping open the door to fall down. Then, on the stairway, the officer saw a white tennis shoe. Looking up, the officer saw another shoe and a brown shirt at the top of a metal ladder with roof access, according to the report.

Following the trail downstairs, the officer said he found the insole from the shoe on the next landing. At the main floor, the officer said he found a man trying to enter the clinic door.

The cop immediately placed the man in handcuffs, and removed a yellow surgical mask and wire from his hand, according to the report.

“It appeared had made an improvised tool wrapping the mask around the wire as a handle. The item was then being used as I approached to manipulate the latch and attempt to open the door accessing the other portion of the building.”

While there was no significant damage to the clinic, police say a light fixture was torn from the wall, signs were ripped down and the parking garage booth was raided, with parking tickets thrown about. Because of the size of the building, police say it was difficult to determine where else the man could have entered and damaged.

While at the police station, the man claimed his white shoes, according to police.

He was arrested for investigation of burglary, for entering a secure building with intent to commit a crime, and causing damage and removing property.

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