BarCraft returns to its Capitol Hill base

523252_133436670134179_1431382741_nA powerful cultural cocktail uniting gaming, geeks and booze will make what is hoped to be a triumphant return to the neighborhood where the worldwide phenomenon got its start. BarCraft returns to Capitol Hill Thursday night:

BarCraft returns to Capitol Hill near its roots, Thursday April 4th at The Auto Battery! For those who have never attended or heard of BarCraft it’s a social event where we show professional eSports on TVs at the bar. It has a devout regular following and many new faces each time. Come join us for a great night, make new friends, talk about your favorite games, tech and any other hobbies with a one of a kind backdrop!

Last summer, CHS documented the end of the event’s run on Capitol Hill where its start had garnered national attention and a host of offshoots around the world.

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