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If you aren’t following what Vintage Seattle is doing these days on Facebook with historic photography of the city, you should join the conversation. It’s an instant education in Seattle’s long ago — and not so long ago — past.

CHS has come to follow the discussions connecting to the various images of Capitol Hill past that are being shared in the Vintage Seattle stream. Up top, the image of Pine and Boylston was surfaced in this recent VS post. “Pine and Boylston – Seattle 1975,” the photographer writes about the picture. “Found an old roll of BW film, so I had it developed and scanned. It took a while for me to date this, but it was Seattle 1975.”

“I bought my first car in 1978 and it was exactly like the 66 Chevelle in the picture,” a VS follower replies.

Especially interesting have been recent finds of imagery showing Seattle and the base of Capitol Hill’s transformation during the project to build I-5 through the heart of the city.

It’s a period CHS writer and local historian Rob Ketcherside has made mention of from time to time as an entire swath of the city including a big chunk of connective tissue for the area that has become “Capitol Hill” was ripped out for the highway project. This 1962 photograph of a temporary crossing at E Olive Pl will give you an idea:

(Image: Washington State Digital Archives)

(Image: Washington State Digital Archives via Vintage Seattle)

You’ll even find plenty of new (old) entries for our collection of Capitol Hill fast food nostalgia.

(Image: Seattle Municipal Archives)

(Image: Seattle Municipal Archives)

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