Return of the Capitol Hill meat doughnut

It’s burger week on the national Eater food news chain. The Seattle branch included a few Capitol Hill special editions in its celebration of the patty including this caramel apple burger which probably should have already been on Unicorn’s menu anyhow. Friday, while supplies last, Klebeck siblings Top Pot and Sun Liquor have teamed up for a contribution to the burger mayhem with, yes, a doughnut burger:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.43.33 AMMy aim was to use a Top Pot doughnut to act as the “top and bottom” of the burger and create a unique flavor combination. Quickly, I discovered that the cake varieties were way too fragile and would crumble.

Science. And prophecy.

The bismarck-blanketed burgers are available today only at the E Pike distillery.

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