Short film documents roots of Seattle Central’s civil rights protests

A new film set against the backdrop of civil unrest at Seattle Central Community College forty years ago features protest leaders of the school’s past talking about their fight for equality. The project by Capitol Hill resident Kevin Owyang and filmmaker Matthew Bane, in their words, “examines the challenges of diversity” —

“I hope young people will glimpse a part of history they didn’t know about.  And I hope older generations will understand the wisdom young people possess”, said Owyang.  “It’s only 5-minutes.   So if you have the attention span of a mosquito, like me, it’s perfect.” Owyang says jokingly.

History Is Undivided Yearning ( )looks at racial division in Seattle’s past and highlights changemakers building a better future.   The film walks a fine line of presenting a hopeful future without diluting the challenges of transforming diversity into resilience.

“I wanted to tell the story of resilience”, says filmmaker Kevin Owyang.    “And that means, if you have my back and I have yours, even though we don’t agree on specific solutions, we will stand up to those who’d rather use violence as an answer.  We will agree that it should be unimaginable to plant a bomb at the finish of a Marathon, we will agree that it’s unimaginable that our kids can’t play in the neighborhood without fear of abduction, and we will agree that it’s unimaginable that kindergarten is a place requiring lock-down security.  Only then will diverse communities be transformed into resilient ones.”

History Is Undivided Yearning is part the 3rd Annual MOHAI History Is ____ Film Competition

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