Blotter | Thief gets away with 16/Thomas phone grab, crash snarls 24th Ave

  • Phone snatch at 16th and Thomas: Police were looking for the suspect who snatched a woman’s phone in a street robbery at 16th and Thomas Thursday night just before 6 PM. According to SPD radio dispatches, the suspect fled through an alley and was being followed by a witness but when police arrived and detained the possible thief, the victim said they had the wrong man. There were no injuries in the phone grab.9158814043_60f7a842db_b
  • Two-car crash snarls 24th Ave: A nasty looking head-on crash Friday morning on 24th Ave E at E Helen resulted in some reportedly minor injuries. We don’t have exact details on injuries to two people involved in the 8:15 AM collision but SPD tells us that a report at the scene that a driver had fled after the crash were apparently not true and the incident is not being investigated as a hit and run.
  • Shoplifting attack: A man allegedly threatened an employee with a glass brandy bottle during a robbery of the 15th Street Safeway on the afternoon of June 20th. The store security guard who was attacked told police he witnessed the suspect conceal two bottles of liquor and exit the building without paying. He confronted the suspect, who allegedly swung one of the bottles towards the security guard’s head. The guard “said he had to duck to avoid being struck,” and detained the suspect for approximately one minute before feeling uncomfortable with a growing crowd and allowing the suspect to flee southbound on 15th Ave E.
  • Public intoxication at Roy/Broadway gas station: Last Friday afternoon, the owner of the  gas station at 915 E Roy St called police reporting a man who was acting in an erratic and threatening manner. According to the report, the owner told police that the man had refused to leave the gas station, and when the man was driven out with the help of customers he began flicking a lighter near the gas pumps. The man returned to the gas station, holding a small razor in one hand and a plastic bottle (sic) filled with an unknown dark liquid substance with a condom on top in the other, according to the report. After the intoxicated man allegedly began publicly masturbating and tried to walk away from the patrol car, police arrested him for trespassing on the property of the gas station. The man spit on and yelled several lewd statements at officers before urinating on himself  in his holding cell, according to the report.
  • Pepper spray fight: Around 9 PM last Friday night, a man told police that he had been a victim of a pepper spray attack on 11th Avenue between Pike St. and Pine St. Police found the suspect, who was “in possession of a small can of pepper spray and a very small fixed bladed knife,” according to the report. According to the report, the suspect told the officers that he and the other man had gotten into an argument, and he had used the pepper spray in self-defense. After being asked about his history with the other man, he told police the two of them had been involved in a dispute “regarding a stolen car sometime in the past.” Police discarded the pepper spray and logged the knife as evidence.
  • Gun missing in burglary: A .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol is reportedly missing after a residence on the 1100 block of E Olive St was burglarized Sunday night. The home owner told police his car keys and identification were stolen from his car while it was parked in Seward Park, and when he returned home, he found he had been burglarized. According to the report, missing items included $600 cash, passports, and a Sig Sauer pistol and other shooting accessories.
  • Dangerous crossing reported: Finally, an item from Wednesday night from a reader about what Misha says is an increasingly dangerous intersection:

@ aprox 20:30 this evening a man stopped abruptly for a woman entering the crosswalk @ E Prospect to cross 10th Ave E (A terrible speeding issue, but that’s last weeks accident)  and a young man following a bit close and a bit too fast seriously rear-ended the stopped car – sending both vehicles through the intersection and the crosswalk.  One man is slightly injured & his airbag deployed. This time the pedestrian is fine and walked away (she should contact the SPD as a witness!)

This section of 10th Ave East has become very hazardous with lots of speeding cars, esp between the light at east Boston & the one at Roy st, and I have repeatedly seen cars blow through both of the other lights between (Aloha & Galer lights along 10th Ave E) as well as the two cross walks in between those.  Slow the fuck down people! Or move off my Hill

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8 thoughts on “Blotter | Thief gets away with 16/Thomas phone grab, crash snarls 24th Ave

  1. I can attest to the dangerous crossing report at 10th & E Prospect and I fail to understand how drivers can justify their breakneck speeds between the 2 stoplights mentioned. That particular crosswalk is used by a lot of pedestrians, joggers and dog walkers because it is a direct path to Volunteer Park. So, yes: SLOW DOWN, PEOPLE. I, for one, have no desire to become a hood ornament because you are in a hurry and driving much too fast.

    • Not stopping for a pedestrian at that intersection is especially egregious because there is a marked crosswalk there, with a large crosswalk sign. But vehicles must stop regardless of whether a crosswalk is marked or not.

      Slow down, people…wherever you’re going, it can wait.

  2. I cross at this crosswalk several times daily, and a very small minority of drivers will stop for a pedestrian who is clearly showing the intention to cross. And the previous commenters are right that the majority not only don’t stop, but they speed, they text, they suck! Does anyone know of a place where we can report these dangerous intersections to traffic patrol? I’ve not found anything but a form for general feedback on the SPD site.

  3. A ton of drivers blow through the crosswalk at 10th and Prospect every day. You can be in the middle of the crossing with cars stopped on your left and some jerk coming from the right will just keep on going through the crossing. Look both ways until you’re completely safe across the street people! It’d be nice if the cops set up shop there to give out tickets and the DOT should take another look at the signage or other environmental factors. It’s only a matter of time before a more serious accident happens there.

  4. Kid, driving the speed limit on that stretch of 10th would provide for someone traveling too fast for your liking. That’s not the most appropriate thing either. I’m going to sound cynical when I say that if we contacted the City for a lighted crosswalk there, they’d just tell us the “preferred” crossing is at Aloha.

    Am I the only one here that noticed that the driver who got rear-ended DID stop for the pedestrian. It brings attention to a whole different issue. Those who follow too close. I’ve almost been nailed a couple times on 10th because some ass hat is riding my bumper. If some of those folks get any closer to my rear end, they’re going to have to buy me a drink first.

    I wonder how many tickets SPD actually COULD hand out in a couple days along that stretch.

    • I don’t give a rat’s patootie what the speed limit is for that 2 block expanse between the 2 stoplights. If you see a pedestrian waiting on that particular corner, slow the bloody ‘l down! The slower you are traveling, the less chance there is of being rear-ended anyway.

      And actually your idea and that of Local Resident’s post prior to yours is a good one: That particular area could represent a $izeable $ource of revenue for ticketing. Hmmmmmmmm . . .

  5. I live right beside the place where the gun was stolen. Ever hear of a gun safe? Thanks for making it possible for another gun to be in the hands of criminals who WILL use them to commit more crimes.

    This person had an unlocked gun at home and left his keys and address in the car. Really?

  6. Seems drivers in Seattle have become increasingly less likely to stop for pedestrians, even at marked crosswalks. I see this regularly on 12th, both at the marked crosswalks near SU and further north past John.

    When I moved here, you could look both ways and step out, almost guaranteed that cars would slow down or stop to let you cross. These days, they are more likely to throw you the finger. I witnessed (and reported to SPD) one car actually blow their horn and speed up at a pedestrian trying to cross. SPD used to regularly target douchebags like this, but they don’t seem to care any more. Even as a driver when I stop, dickhead drivers behind me blow their horns and speed around me. It’s ridiculous.