Seattle Street Food Fest at Cal Anderson — first look at restaurant, food truck and pop-up roster

(Image: Seattle Street Food Festival via Facebook)

(Image: Seattle Street Food Festival via Facebook)

We haven’t heard any updates on the “European style” Sunday market the family-run company behind the Fremont Sunday Market is planning for Capitol Hill — but plans for producer Ryan Reiter’s first-ever Seattle Street Food Festival on 11th Ave along Cal Anderson Park appear to be going big time.

An initial line-up of vendors large and small was announced this week via where the new summer event is pitched as “50 Food Vendors. 40 Urban Crafters. 10 Pop-Ups. 2 Beer Gardens and one unforgettable Night Market on Saturday, Aug. 10th in Capitol Hill.” The event will run from 5 to 11 PM. It’s free to attend but, starting Friday, sales for a “priority line ticket” begin. The priority status will set you back $35. Go for it. You’re worth it.

There’s also some sort of fancy pants dinner party planned for the park that night — Seattle Met can tell you all about that:

Then there’s the pop-up picnic portion of the evening, which runs from 7 to 10. Organizer One Night Only has recruited 12 chefs (final roster forthcoming but it already includes Joshua Henderson and Matthew Lewis) for an event that’s part picnic, part showdown. Each chef will make a street food-inspired dish and ticketholders can wander around this enclosed area, sampling them all and partaking of unlimited drinks. Judges will dole out awards for best in show, best signature dish, and most innovative.

Tickets for the fancy part will run $125 in advance to $165 if you wait until late July.

The city’s events planning information doesn’t list any forecasts for expected crowds but does note the event is planned to include “street closure, tenting, generators, vendors, food, amplified music.” And, yes, alcohol will be served.

2013 FOOD VENDORS | AS OF JUNE 24TH, 2013 (Subject to Change)


  • Ezell’s Express
  • Monte Cristo
  • Maximus Minimus
  • My Chef Lynn
  • The Barking Frog
  • Crisp Creperie
  • Halava Falafel
  • Grilled Cheese Experience
  • Charlie’s Buns
  • Evolution Revolution
  • Fish Basket
  • Falafel Salam
  • Caravan Crepes
  • Jemil’s Big Easy
  • Monad Curbside
  • Now Make Me A Sandwich


  • Big Food Mobile
  • Secet Sausage
  • Street Donuts
  • Kurly’s
  • Bikelava
  • Los Agaves
  • Mi Ranchito (Mexican Corn on the Cob)
  • My Sweet Little Hot Cakes
  • Beanfish (Taiyaki)
  • Tandoozy Indian
  • Afghan Delicious
  • Chicarepa
  • Tiga Dara | Indonesian


  • Roux | Matthew Lewis Skillet
  • Joshua Henderson
  • Ethan Stowell Restaurant | Chef TBA
  • Marination | Chef TBA
  • Lil Woody’s | Burgers
  • Po Dog | Hot Dogs
  • Deluxe Bar & Grill
  • Pagliacci Pizza
  • Thai Curry Simple
  • Stumbling Goat
  • Saigon Sunset
  • Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max
  • Ballard Brothers
  • Satay
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream


  • Street Treats
  • Kilohana Shave Ice
  • Trophy Cupcakes
  • Pink’s Ice Cream


  • Treat Box Seattle
  • Clover Catering
  • The Soda Jerk
  • Ain’t She Sweet Bakery


  • Schmancy
  • Hawkeye Jewelry
  • Tuesday Scarves
  • Choke T-Shirts
  • Tarboo
  • Legit Tees
  • Jacklyn Rose Embroidery
  • Spencer Little
  • Suzi Parks


  • J Project Clothing
  • My Violetta
  • Closet Space
  • The Fashion Bar
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5 thoughts on “Seattle Street Food Fest at Cal Anderson — first look at restaurant, food truck and pop-up roster

  1. Curious. Who benefits from this financially? We’re using public property, a street, the park area. Police will be needed. Where’s the money go? Who profits? I’m not saying I’m these this or similar events, I genuinely just want to know where the money goes when public amenities are used in this way. Justin: Can you illuminate? Someone from the Chamber?

  2. It is my understanding that the event is produced by a for profit event production company. Therefore, I can only assume that profits will be going back to that production company. They did reach out o the Chamber as well as CAPA (the Cal Anderson Park Alliance) for support in moving forward with the event and both the Chamber and CAPA gave that support, predicated upon the request that the organizers reached out to the neighbors and worked with the City of Seattle in all appropriate permitting and restrictions for special events.

    I know that the Chamber believes (and I think CAPA would say the same) that activating the Park with activity goes a long way in keeping the Park a safe and welcoming space.

  3. Thanks for the comments and questions. My name is Ryan Reiter, founder and festival director for the Mobile Food Rodeo and Seattle Street Food Festival.

    The event is free to the general public, so there is no upfront admission. As the producer, we are a for profit company, but all of our events support local charities through our programming on-site.

    As a result, this event, it generates far more revenue for the vendors than it ever will for us as an organization. We keep the entry costs at break-even and work to provide as much support to vendors to ensure the opportunity for them to create the capital they need to grow.

    All beer gardens are run and profits benefit the local non-profit in accordance with the Washington State liquor Control Board permit requirements.

    The goal is to create a positive, family-friendly festival that brings our local foodie community to enjoy the park and share in the fun of supporting local businesses.

    if anyone has any direct questions, please feel free to email me directly


    Ryan Reiter

    • Ryan,

      Big thanks to you, Anjuli, Jerry & your entire team of staff and volunteers that created the space for such an incredible (get it? edible) and memorable event.

      We saw, heard & tasted nothing but absolute joy & goodness the entire evening. We watched so many patrons and venders leaving laughing and happy. Hope we get to do it again someday soon!


      Sheena & Jesse Lee

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