Man dragging cooler busted after displaying gun at Broadway/Pike

A CHS reader sent in this picture of the arrest

A CHS reader sent in this picture of the arrest

It is not a good time to be flashing a handgun on the streets of Capitol Hill. Police rushed to E Pike Monday morning following a report that a man was seen taking out a pistol from a plastic cooler he was dragging through the streets of Capitol Hill.

According to police radio dispatches, the man was first spotted pulling the cooler just after 9 AM near Broadway and Pike where he reportedly removed the gun, showed it to somebody on the street and placed it in the back of his waistband. Another 911 call then reported the man was sitting on top of the cooler at the intersection displaying the gun.

Police caught up with the suspect near 10th and Pike where he was detained without incident. SPD confirms that a suspect was taken into custody. Court records show that the man was booked into jail for carrying a firearm “with intent to intimidate.”

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13 thoughts on “Man dragging cooler busted after displaying gun at Broadway/Pike

  1. Throwback to the conan guy on broadway with his huge sword. It is just another day on cap hill folks

  2. Why 3 squad cars and 6 cops for a one person arrest? Does the cooler need to be transported separately from the perp and if so, what is the third car for? It always amazes me that so many police show up for a single incident.

    • we took this pic. there were more than 3 cars. there were like 7 or 8 cars and even more cops.

      why so many? i don’t know.

    • There were at least 7 cop cars by the time it was all over, I only got three in the picture. Also I didn’t get the cop with his assault rifle drawn… They take brandishing seriously apparently.

  3. It’s always easy to ask ‘why’ and armchair quarterback from the safe confines of your keyboard. It’s also easy to reflect on 7/4 with a mentally ill guy shooting at police, and get your answer about ‘why so many’ from that situation.

  4. Exactly right! It’s amazing how many people second guess the police, without any knowledge/experience whatsoever of policing strategies.

  5. I know this guy (not well). He’s pretty harmless, and I think he’s homeless right now. Also, it was a BB gun according to the paperwork a mutual friend saw after he was released. Stupid to brandish it, but at least it wasn’t a real handgun.