Smashed Pots in from of SAAM

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I took my usual early morning stroll through the park today. I was dismayed to discover that someone vandalized the beautiful flower pots in front of the museum over night. What could possibly prompt this kind of needless uglification? Sigh.

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12 thoughts on “Smashed Pots in from of SAAM

  1. This type of senseless destruction is sad. I hope Trayvon is not being held responsible for this. Do you know if these so called anarchists were in the area?

  2. There appears to have been a roving drunk (or group of drunks) making their way up 14th Ave E on Friday night. I live a couple blocks south of the park and noticed some shenanigans had occurred on my property and up the street as I walked my dog.

  3. there was also anarchist graffiti sprayed on the monument/obelisk and a few headstones at the cemetery of the grand republic a few nights ago

  4. There was a lot of trash and empty beer cans in the play area and according to the Twitter feed of East Precinct Charles1 there were numerous DUIs in the immediate neighborhood late Friday night/early Saturday morning including a misdemeanor warrant served at 12:30 AM at the 1400 block of Prospect, so it sounds like it was a bunch of people getting hammered and then going on a rampage around the park- hopefully there will be some justice served. Just about every trash can in the park was emptied out, signage at the new play area was destroyed, there was a little bit of damage to the garden outside the Conservatory, the fence around the koi pond was torn up and thrown into the pond.