Witness: Pike/Pine shooting suspect said ‘I didn’t mean to do it’ as he fled

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

The 19-year-old arrested by police following Sunday morning’s shooting in Pike/Pine told police he was carrying the .40 caliber pistol used in the shooting but that he didn’t pull the trigger, according to court records.

The 19-year-old had his first appearance in King County Superior Court Monday as a judge set his bail at $500,000. Prosecutors have until July 17th to file charges. CHS doesn’t typically name suspects until they are charged with a crime.

The shooting victim remained in critical condition following hours of surgery Sunday morning after he was found with bullet wounds to his chest and abdomen on the pavement of 10th Ave in front of Oddfellows Cafe and Rancho Bravo.

According to SPD, one witness heard the suspect on his phone saying “I didn’t mean to do it,” shortly before police officers tracked him down near Cal Anderson Park following the 3 AM shooting at 10th and Pine. The suspect told police the victim in the shooting was a friend, according to a court document. The 19-year-old told police he was in the car left at the scene when the shooting occurred and picked up the gun from the ground as he exited the vehicle and fled.

Another witness recorded a phone video of the aftermath of the shooting and provided the recording to police. Police say the video does not show the suspect stop to pick anything up as he ran away.

Police say they recovered shell casings at the 10th/Pine shooting scene that matched the caliber of the suspect’s gun.

According to court records, the suspect is a 19-year-old South Seattle resident with a criminal record but nothing on par with Sunday’s shooting. He was released from jail this spring after being hauled in for investigation of robbery. No charges were brought in that case.

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20 thoughts on “Witness: Pike/Pine shooting suspect said ‘I didn’t mean to do it’ as he fled

  1. throw the book at him – no sympathy. If he didn’t mean to do it, why was the person shot multiple times? Send him to jail for a very long time. And if the victim dies, send him up the river for life. Just sick and tired of this gun violence! If you’re gonna play with guns, you gotta pay!

  2. “I didn’t mean to do it.” WHAT?!? The victim had bullet wounds (plural) to his chest and abdomen. Shooting somebody at all, much less more than once, seems pretty intentional to me.

      • As far as I can tell, with the current WordPress format, it is no longer possible for the poster to either edit or delete comments….only the owner can do the latter. Justin, correct me if I’m wrong.

        I do think it would be better if comments could be edited/deleted by the posters, as it was in the previous format.

      • Yes, only site moderators may remove comments. In the site’s old format, registered users could edit and delete comments. Opening up the deletion of comments makes for a potentially messy set of threads.

  3. So when our light rail station opens, will assaults increase or decrease? I imagine people will be using it as a way to escape the crime scene. Regardless of the recent CD murder that was solved by tracking the orca card the criminal used to flee the crime area (yes, it was stolen but yes, metro and the cops tracked it down, see CDN for details) criminals will use continue to use mass transit to flee crime scenes.

    It’s a touchy issue for sure, most of us long term hill dwellers thus far are super pro mass transit.However in the future as the wealthier hill residents migrate here, I can see cap hill crime as a rallying cry citywide to limit station placement and operating hours. This must not happen as we continue to become the great cascadian city tthe weekly rags blather on about (yes stranger, I am talking about you).

    Cap hill needs to get the word out to criminals that this is not the zone to come and commit crime. The city is not going to do it soon enough. It’s up to us, the residents. Not a call for vigilantism, but to be extremely vigilant. Use your phones and cameras to observe and report. Those who buy drugs, do it elsewhere.

    I am looking to move off the hill after 17 years, probably somewhere off union, but still nearby. If I could have the neighborhood the way it was even 5 years ago I’d stay. I’ll rent my 600 square Foot condo on pine street for what my new monthly will be for the dinky 100 year old shack I may move into in the barely CD, but at least i will be happier there. At 46, I know I will be.

    • Enough of the mass transit crime scare tactics. The trains don’t run at the time that the shooting occured, and even if they did they don’t run often enough to be effectively used as a getaway vehicle. They also are all equipped with cameras. Even though cars are most often used as getaway vehicles, you don’t see us banning them.

      • Poster here ignores that the suspect was in A CAR. You can see it in the crime scene photos. In fact, public transit has nothing to do with this episode. Where is public transit mentioned anywhere here?

        Poster here is pulling speculation from the dark, presupposing chaos. Must be the only urban area this poster has lived in. This line of thinking includes thibgs that are not facts, so this opinion shpuld be excluded from our method of inquiry about how to improve the quality of living on the hill, and prevent crime. Use your observations, not your fears

    • “Get the word out that this is not the zone to come commit crime”?
      Really? Where should we tell them that IS? Cuz I’m sure if you just, you know, suggest a BETTER place, they’ll oblige and relocate–don’t you think?

      • Public housing displays a sign reading “Trespassing and illegal activity not permitted on these premises.” I’m sure it scares the bad guys away. ;)

      • Yes, Seattle Housing Authority still posts those odd signs — which perhaps imply that illegal activity is permitted across the street? And no, I don’t think there is any place where shooting other people “should” happen.

  4. The suspect says he didn’t pull the trigger, but also that he “didn’t mean to do it.” How stupid does he think we and the police are? He’s a liar as well as a criminal. Throw the book at him.

  5. This is why “B&T”ers are so derided. They live in the south end or Kent or Renton, and then bring their ghetto style and attitudes up to the city.

    This is why no one goes to Pioneer Square anymore, and why Fremont is attracting a bad element as well. I couldn’t believe the number of wannabe gangsters walking the streets of Fremont the last Saturday night I was there.

    And before I get criticized, this is not a matter of race. That’s entirely too simplistic.

    • No, you’re absolutely right, it’s not a matter of race. It’s a matter of attitude. If somebody acts like a stupid thug, I’m going to assume they are, no matter what color they might be.

    • @Poseur, so people who live in the south end, Kent, or Renton have ghetto style and attitude? The sorts of styles and attitudes you simply don’t find on Cap Hill. Right. Maybe you should just keep an eye out for the next person you suspect–by merely looking at them–may be from one of these places, follow them down the street, ask them what the hell they’re doing in YOUR neighborhood, and hey, if you have a gun on you, how about you just shoot them too. This is all about profiling, racial or otherwise. And ignorant “styles and attitudes” like yours have no place in Seattle or anywhere that decent people live.

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