Sound Mental Health program awarded $105,000 for homeless children

Starting Thursday, more than a dozen impoverished Seattle children will get a chance many can only see on a waiting list in the form of behavioral health services thanks to $105,000 in funding awarded to Capitol Hill-headquarter Sound Mental Health to continue a pilot program at its First Hill facility.

“We will be able to serve an additional 14 to 16 children with families who are already part of the Broadview Transitional Housing Program,” David Takami of the Seattle Human Service Department said of the awarded funds from his department. The funds are specifically aimed towards behavioral health services for children.

The behavioral health pilot program is based out of First Hill’s Broadview Transitional Housing Program to work towards “early intervention services for young homeless children with moderate or severe behavioral or emotional issues related to homelessness,” according to the announcement.

“There is currently a waiting list of children/families who need the services,” Takami said. Families will begin seeing these services come August 1 when Sound Mental Health receives the first $38,500 of the award. The remainder will be paid out in 2014.

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One thought on “Sound Mental Health program awarded $105,000 for homeless children

  1. This is awesome! I just wish it was more, and sooner. I’m sure their parents want the best for them, and are wracked with guilt with the homeless situation, and how the kids are reacting to it. This grant helps with that. Thank you!