On the List | Last Capitol Hill art walk of summer, Lynn Shelton, Volunteer Park Conservatory plant sale

A Capitol Hill art walk moment past (Image: Lucas Anderson for CHS)

A Capitol Hill art walk moment past (Image: Lucas Anderson for CHS)

With the growth of the CHS Calendar, we’re transitioning On the List from a (trying to be!) comprehensive rundown of the weekend’s happenings to more of a highlighting of the biggest, most interesting events. It makes more sense for the vibrant, community-updated CHS Calendar to take a bigger role in keeping CHS readers informed about what is going on.

And definitely let us know about your Capitol Hill-related event  — or something you hear about that others need to know about — by adding it. Have a great weekend!


  •  Cait WillisBlitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk: With a high of 82 degrees and a sunset time of 7:27, Thursday’s Blitz Capitol Hill Arts Walk will be the last summer-like art walk of the year. Keep enjoying endless summer with these highlights:
    • Glitch/White Noise by Cait Willis at Ghost Gallery:.”The investigation deepens into the smart media gadgets of our time and their collective random glitches, or technical seizures if you will.”
    • Kimberly TrowbridgeStory Tell Her by Kimberly Trowbridge at Blindfold Gallery. A narrative installation begins with a large, constructed altarpiece followed by paintings and sculptures to build a physical language..
    • The last art show at Bauhaus (in it’s current location anyway) features popular artist Robbie Riley. Marvel at the brazenness of paintings hung in front of bookshelves.
  • Touchy FeelyLynne Shelton is here Friday! Lynne Shelton is here Saturday! Hometown hero and award-winning writer/director Lynne Shelton makes an appearance on Friday and Saturday at Harvard Exit Theatre for the screening of her new film Touchy Feely. (trailer) starring Ellen Page.

Writer/director Lynn Shelton will appear in person with actor/songwriter Tomo Nakayama on Friday, September 13 for a Q&A and musical performance after the 7:20pm show and to introduce the 9:55pm show. They will also appear on Saturday, September 14 for a Q&A and musical performance after the 7:20pm show and to introduce the 9:55pm show. 

  • 8445277851_3e14e40396_oThe Annual Fall Plant Sale to benefit the Volunteer Park Conservatory opens to the general public at 10a on Saturday and runs until 3p. A good choice of outdoor plants, succulents, and even plants from the Conservatory displays will be available to the early birds. Last hour arrivals may only get to choose from equivalents of the Charlie  Brown tree.
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