Blotter | Another armed robbery reported at Cal Anderson

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  • Park hold-up: Two street robbers with a familiar approach held up a man for his rent money on the edge of Cal Anderson Park Wednesday night. The victim told police he had been playing basketball in the park and was leaving on Nagle Place when two males approached him around 7:20 PM. The smaller of the two said “Empty your pockets, fool” as he displayed a black handgun. The victim walked to the East Precinct at 12th and Pine to report the theft of $180 — his rent money, he told police. According to police radio, the 20-minute delay likely gave the suspects — described as two black males wearing dark clothing and hoodies — enough time to leave the area. The smaller male with the gun was described as about 5’8″. A search of the area for the suspects was not successful, according to the report. The hold-up follows a similar robbery around the same time in the same area of the park last Friday night. Earlier this summer, three men were charged for what police said was a street robbery spree including at least seven pellet gunpoint robberies around Cal Anderson. A CHS survey showed that more than 80% of respondents say they are afraid to walk in Cal Anderson at night.
  • Miller Community Center OD: Another report of a heroin overdose on Capitol Hill brought Seattle Fire and police to 19th Ave’s Miller Community Center. Medics responded Wednesday night around 9 PM to a report of a female victim suffering from an apparent overdose inside the facility. According to radio dispatches, the victim attempted to decline medical attention but police were called in to remove her for treatment after it was determined her conditions were life threatening.
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10 thoughts on “Blotter | Another armed robbery reported at Cal Anderson

  1. I wonder how many other parks in the country are similar to Cal Anderson in that they are crime-ridden but when you are the victim, you can simply walk across the street to the police station to report it !?!

  2. I saw a group of 3 with that description around 5:30pm while walking near the NE corner of the park. They didn’t look like normal park users but rather seemed to be sizing people up and they were quite young. My wife decided that we should steer clear of them and we did.

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