Blotter | Victim says no to muggers, Broadway bank robbery suspect did time — UPDATE

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  • Man refuses Belmont/Mercer bandits: A potential victim in an overnight street robbery at Belmont and E Mercer walked away from the confrontation and called police on the suspects. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, a man called 911 to report two black males in dark clothing and wearing beanies stopped him near Belmont and Mercer, demanded his wallet and his phone and told the man they had a friend waiting in a nearby car with a gun who would use it if he did not comply. The man told police he refused and fled to a nearby building where he contacted SPD. A search of the area did not immediately turn up the suspects or a possibly related car seen in the area.

    UPDATE: The victim in the attempted hold-up tells CHS he’s a three-year resident of the Hill who is concerned he and his boyfriend were targeted in the hold-up attempt.

    “I feel like we got profiled because we were two gay guys holding hands,” the man told CHS Thursday after seeing our initial report and contacting us about the incident. “They probably thought we wouldn’t fight.”

    The man said he and his boyfriend were walking on a foggy Broadway just after midnight when they noticed two men behaving oddly and hanging out along the street. Sticking to well lit areas as they headed home west from Broadway, the couple kept walking to get away from the area and thought they were in the clear when they heard footsteps speeding up behind them.The victim said some quick thinking on his boyfriend’s part made it easier to slip away as the would-be muggers confronted the two men in the street.

    As the men threatened — “Do you want to get socked?” — and warned about the gun while trying to corral their two victims down the street and separate them from each other, the victim’s boyfriend noticed a woman wearing headphones and taking a smoke break outside a nearby building. He told the muggers the woman was a friend and that they should back off so everything looked cool. Instead, the boyfriend and the victim took advantage of the men backing off and told the woman to call police.

    The victim tells CHS deciding to escape was “the obvious choice” even though both suspects kept hands in pockets in a threatening manner as if they had weapons and seemed to be relatively wise in the ways of street muggings. The males weren’t kids — each suspect was in his mid to late 20s, the victim estimates. Both had thick accents.

    The suspects circled back to the scene as police were being called but disappeared before SPD arrived, the victim said. After a brief search of the area, cops gave the couple a ride to the victim’s apartment.

  • Man dies after struck on I-5: A man died just after midnight after being struck by a fast-moving vehicle in a southbound lane of I-5 south of Pike under the Convention Center. Washington State Patrol confirmed the man was struck by a vehicle and died in the incident around 12:30 AM Thursday after Seattle Fire’s attempted CPR at the scene. It was not known if the man jumped from the street above or was attempting to cross the freeway in an area where many homeless people camp. Last year, CHS reported on the unlikelihood of installing suicide barriers around the overpasses connecting Capitol Hill to downtown.
  • Smoke from camp brings fire response: Seattle Fire was called back to the area around the I-5 overpasses just before 2 AM Thursday when cooking at a homeless camp caused a small fire that sent smoke billowing into the foggy night. We’ve seen similar smoky incidents in the area before. CHS has previously reported on the occasional sweeps and clean-ups of camps in the area.
  • Broadway bank robbery: The suspect arrested a mere 25 minutes and one block from the Broadway Chase he allegedly robbed Wednesday morning is a 55-year-old man released from prison after being sentenced to nearly four years in jail in a 2010 felony domestic violence case, CHS has learned. The suspect was busted near E Olive Way after police say he walked into the bank and handed the teller a note but did not brandish a weapon. We don’t know if he made it out with any cash but the suspect didn’t make it very far from the scene. He was booked into King County Jail Wednesday for investigation of robbery. He has not yet been charged.
  • 26th/Helen robbery: In a just off-Hill incident, a man was found lying face down in the middle of the street near 26th and E Helen Wednesday around 10 PM. The victim told police he had been assaulted and robbed of $30 by a group of black teens who fled into the nearby Arboretum. Seattle Fire was called to treat the man’s injuries.
  • Fuel spill: If you saw the emergency response Wednesday night at the Capitol Hill Station construction site, here are details on a fuel spill handled by SFD.
  • School reports bus driver assaulted by student: Police were called to Capitol Hill’s Stevens Elementary Thursday morning just after 9 AM to a report that a student had assaulted a bus driver near the 18th and E Galer campus. More details will be available when the SPD report on the incident is released. The bus driver did not require immediate medical attention.Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.41.32 AM
  • Weekend robberies: SPD has released reports confirming CHS’s post on three early morning street robberies last Sunday. There have been no arrests and the SPD reports do not indicate that any of the incidents involved the same suspects.
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