Hilloween 2013: Where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill

396189_10151268509166351_1950405802_n (1)There will always be Capitol Hill newbies. While the Hilloween veterans may know well that the area around 16th and 17th and Aloha is a crazy circus of trick-or-treat nuttiness, we’ll have to draw a map for those new to the neighborhood — or new to trick or treating. Below, is the slightly updated, barely adjusted but still 100% accurate CHS Trick or Treat Hot Zone Map:

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We’ve labeled the area where neighbors are prepared to greet more than 1,000 kids during the night and the decorations range from “Oh, that’s funny” to “OH MY GOD, RUN!” Also labeled are the areas of the Hill where CHS photographers will be wandering to capture images of the fun.

We also know there are other pockets of full-size Hershey bar good times around the Hill. If you have a favorite area you wouldn’t mind sharing or want to hype up your impressive decorations and jack-o-lanterns, let us know in comments, please.

There are a lot of new neighbors around Capitol Hill. Let’s help them have a happy Hilloween, too.

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7 thoughts on “Hilloween 2013: Where to trick or treat on Capitol Hill

  1. Other note for newbies: if you are out of the hot zone you may get almost no kids at for door. I traditionally see them all dashing by on their way up the hill to the pots of gold and later struggling back down the hill dragging their pillowcases full of candy. (I’m not making this up, you know).

    Maybe one or two very small ones, lacking the stamina for the hill climb, will make it to my door.

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